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Tomb Raider
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Talking New Weapons Thread


Lately, I've been wondering...

we get a TON of outfits and Mods (one of them being mine)...
A billion Objects and Wads (one again, A lot of them being mine)
A billion Textures (I am guilty, AGAIN)
and of course, the ever so popular animation every now and again...

and i notice something... we just STOPPED getting guns. Now i know that we have a set of pistols on the way, from trangel (that looks spectaular) and some are released that are anything but good quality, and get forgotten about really fast.

So, I though, why not make a Set Of Guns, and stuff. I hope this thread will inspire people to make new Guns and weapons, because for some reason, guns just stopped being made...

and to chrisen this new thread, I'd like to show of mine. (dont be afraid to show off yours as well)

Daul and Single Desert Ranger From AOD
The set will include:
  • Desert Ranger (Revolver Slot)
  • Daul Desert Rangers (Pistol Slot)
  • A *NEW* Scope (Lasersight Slot)
  • New Pistol Item
  • New Revolver Item
  • New Holsters (holster Slot)
Hopefully, You all enjot these Should be available soon!! Im not sure what to make next

NOw, that do you all have to show? (dont be afraid to show yours centaur) you can also MAKE REQUEST!! but, that does not mean they'll be made, though aND WHEN WEAPONS GET RELEASED, ILL ALSO KEEP THEM ON THE FRONT PAGE, SO YOU DONT HAVE TO LOOK FOR THEM!!
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Looking good matrix54! Looks great!
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Default A request!!!

I have a request, but first:

Thank you for making this thread, I've been waiting for someone to make this kinda thread since I have awesome ideas on expanding Lara's weaponary.

And for my request(s):

1.A flare gun would be a great addition to Lara!

Note:the following guns are from RE4(Resident Evil 4)

2.A Matilda for machine gun slot!

3.Ada Wong's pump action shotgun for Lara!That would be great!

BTW, you should put the laser sight at the bottom of Lara's gun, that way it looks alot better.

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Death Mask
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  • 12 gauge pump action tactical shotgun
  • .50 cal action express Desert Eagle
  • Barrett M107 .50 Caliber sniper rifle
  • .45 H&K USP Match dual pistols (9mm pistols are too weak)
  • Combat knife
  • Sonar radar
  • Battlevest
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If it's possible i would need a TRU style Shotgun and "UZI" for my level.
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!Lara Croft!
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What about lara's TR4 pistols?

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I think it would be cool to have the taser gun(K2 Impactor) from AoD remade for the Level Editor as it was a bit of a shame it wasn't used in any other games after AoD as it was a great weapon to have with you during the Lourve levels. It got me out of jams many times and was one of the most useful weapons to have in the game. It would also be a good idea to have the tranquliser gun remade as well(both AoD and Underworld versions) for those that don't like being forced to kill animals and have it as a last resort. And finally, it would be cool to have Excalibur/Soul Reaver and an assault rifle(with optional scope added in as an extra) from Legend and Thor's Hammer, Gauntlets and Belt from Underworld. And that's all the weapons/ useful items I'd like to see remade right now.
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How about the harpoon from tr3 with the TRU Mesh from Trsearch and TRU textures? ^^

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Originally Posted by Ceamonks890 View Post
...Thor's Hammer, Gauntlets and Belt from Underworld....
Good idea..i've thought about this too
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In my level set The Realm of Paradox Lara only uses a bow... it is a fantasy setting, so not only am I remeshing the bow (it's so blocky and awful looking in the LR wads!) I am going to make it wood&iron; more medieval looking, without the hi-tech mechanism on the side.

So when I have built the object, I will be able to make available a next-gen medieval/fantasy crossbow.

I don't know how practical a wooden weapon it is for more usual, modern adventures, though. That is not especially important to me, since I am not making it specifically for distribution to the TRLE community, I am making it for my own level set.
However, it will be a nice variation of the crossbow, I think, so people may appreciate it.

When I have made the weapon, I will post pics, I promise!

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