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Default 1 Room Challenge Setting Voting

Hello all,

Well within the next month Dizzydoll and I will be setting up another 1 Room challenge but we are stuck. We cant decide on a place for the Theme so we said we would leave it to the public to decide.

Now the choices are...
  • Peru
  • Atlantis
  • Oriental
  • Egypt
  • Young Lara (Location chosen by you)

Now the voting will be simple.
Here is an example.

Atlantis - 3
Asia - 2
Peru - 1

Also if you chose something like Atlantis which has no objects that have been updated from the first game, me and Dizzydoll are going to remake them. (well at least try to)

Thanks and Enjoy.
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God Horus
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I already spoke to MyRaider4Life and I am definitely entering this I have a feeling it will be bigger than the last 1 room challenge.

1. Atlantis
2. Young Lara
3. Peru

lol my bad I voted wrong!

3 - Atlantis
2 - Young Lara
1 - Peru

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Wow. The easiest might be Peru, as we have a whole Btb08wad+tga to take.
Though Atlantis might be interesting too (if it's not exactly as in TR1 and more like Aniversary)
The Egypt TRA-textures are beautiful, but we allready had this in the first challenge (at least two chose them)
Too bad there's nothing cold ore something like Tinnos in it but for now my votes are:

3 - Peru
2 - Atlantis
1 - Egypt
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Oriental - 3
Young Lara - 2
Peru - 1
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I like oriental, there is quite a lot one can do with oriental design...

So that is my first choice.

Young Lara is nice because its different.

And of course, Atlantis is outlandish and awesome.


3. Atlantis.

2. Young Lara

1. Oriental.

Did I do that right? My 3rd choice, 2nd choice, and 1st choice?
Oriental is the one I vote for strongest...
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Atlantis - 3 points;
Young Lara - 2 points;
Oriental - 1 point.

This is going to be great!
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Peru - 3
Young Lara - 2
Oriental - 1
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Atlantis 3pts - There isn't many out there
Oriental 2pts - Same as above
Peru 1pt - So Classic TR and really fun

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Atlantis - 3
Egypt - 2
Oriental - 1
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