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Default HyperSquare [WIP and Making of]

I am building a series of levels with that innovative method that some of you know, (and that it is no more a secret) that is using meta2tr with NOT finished tr4 files, so while updating continously the prj inside NGLE.
This project started from this technical idea, which is explained inside the latest updates of meta2tr tool, so it involved, at the beginning, only one level built around a square (a "HyperSquare"). Then I had to split the level in two for it was too slow on not that updated machines. But now, I am working on a complete levelset.
Those are some shots from the first 2 levels:

As those are built with that innovative way I invented, I published in the last months (during more than two years and a half today) some "making of" reports, and here are the seven previous "Making of" reports

UPDATE: 14th February 2013.
A huge BUMP of this thread, for a "making of" update this is the 8th, with some information about development, to celebrate Lara's birthday today

Happy S.Valentine's day and happy Lara's birthday


More "Making of" reports will be included in the download itself of the game


Today (June 22nd 2012), actually this upcoming night, I celebrate exactly 3 years of development of this levelset. I am always careful to celebrate this kind of anniversaries, lol I never stopped editing during all this period, sometimes less sometimes more, and I want to finish this first part of the game before the end of this year, even if it will take me a lot of effort dividing myself among normal work and trle editing
This following screenshot is for this celebraqtion, it is a render from 3dsmax, the location is completely already imported inside the game with perfect collision: the only differences are that we cannot have real shadows with trle, and that in game, the illumination is darker. It shows a corner of a wider location.

In the first year of development, I released also a youtube trailer showing how I used 3dsmax as world editor:


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Fantastic project !! Quality textures looks very good !
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This is god damn amazing work!
I welcome you to the TRLE world.
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Dear god..
This project looks amazing already...

Good luck...
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Originally Posted by MyRaider4Life View Post
This is god damn amazing work!
I welcome you to the TRLE world.
You welcome an absolut oldie in the TRLE world.

Looks absolutely amazing. I donīt understand too much about the technical details, but it looks like a hell of work!
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Check out "Checkout: Journey to Employee of the Month!"
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Looks absolutely awesome!!
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God, iīm still learning the basics on level edition and this guy showing a work like that Man , i really suck... Great work indeed and i feel that a revolution is coming to the world of custom levels...
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Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
You welcome an absolut oldie in the TRLE world.
Yes, he did make "Tomb Raider A" - http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=1115

I never finished it. 21 levels!
You should be grateful
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How can anybody's levels compare to that? Oh my!

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