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Default Making the Scorpion an ally

I came up with this a while ago, tested it and it seems to work.

You can make the SCORPION enemy an ally (much like the TROOPS). How, may I ask?

Simple. You manipulate the A.I. of the SCORPION slot. The SCORPION slot is set to attack other enemies first, before going after Lara (unless she shoots them first).

To get this working, you will need to open your WAD. Open another WAD and select anything (can even be a nullmesh). For me, I copied it over the TROOPS slot because that's the one I wasn't using, although any unused enemies in the level will do. There is no need to worry about AI, as you won't be seeing this enemy at all during the level.

Now that's done, go into the Level Editor. Open your map. Create a dummy room. Place it somewhere off your map. Place your dummy enemy in there, and trigger it. The SCORPION will now only go after Lara if she shoots it.

Remember to kill it with Flipeffect 46 if you're leaving the area with SCORPIONs, as it still counts towards the 5-enemy limit (or more if you're using TREP or TRNG)


-Unlike the TROOPS, which stand still when inactive, the SCORPION will run around. Set up some boundaries so the enemy doesn't get stuck in a wall.
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