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Default Scia's HQ Renders

I used to do TR fan art all the time, but I got busy and didn't get the chance to for years. I'm getting back into it now though! Here are some of my renders.

Feel 100% to use these in your own fanart. For all the new renders, I have transparent .png files that you're more than welcome to have as well - just ask

- New Renders-

- Old Renders -

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Rachel Croft
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Absolutely lovely! I've been waiting for this thread actually.
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Truly outstanding renders, Scia. Lara looks so realistic in the first picture. Keep up the good work!
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This thread takes ages to load, in my case anyway , but its definitely worth it.

Great job
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Your renders freaking rule. They beat the official ones.

I'm in love with the one you have as your avatar. Awesome work!

EDIT: My lame internet didn't load it the first time, but that one with the fire is badass!
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Your work is fantastic! The later Lara renders are especially wonderful!
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Tomb Raider
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BEAUTIFUL renders! you should start making wallpapers!
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young Lara Croft
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Crystal didn't hired you yet ?
Awesome renders!!!!
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Astonishing work.
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beautiful abosoluyley amazing i love alll of them, how did u get that classic lara she sooo beautiful , can i request some classic lara poses
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