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Los Angeles
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Default What really grinds YOUR gears?

It really grinds my gears when someone doesn't share his knowledge with others...

what about you?

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Hey, if someone wants to keep their knowledge to themselves, that's fine by me. I do it all the time. As for me:

-Grammatical errors
-Bad drivers
-My neighbours
-Technology that doesn't work

and loads more.
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Tomb Raider
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Not pressing the clutch in far enough when shifting.
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Originally Posted by irjudd View Post
Not pressing the clutch in far enough when shifting.
I see wut you did there.
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wait,am I in GC or MGC?yae yae yae yae!! *head explodes in confusion*

if there's anything that ticks me off,it's twin threads!!
Everything in moderation...including moderation.
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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- Self appointed mods, deeming what threads they find meaningless or pointless.

- When people chew their fingernails.

- Smacking their food.

The latter two just gross me out so much.
I can do all things through Croft who strengthens me
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Quite a few things... :P
Here's just a few:
-Text talk and bad grammar/spelling (I'm a hypocrite there... :P)
-My sister... (see below points...)
-People eating with their mouth open
-People fidgeting for no reason... Why can't people stay still?
-People asking me what's wrong when I'm down when I've already said I'm not going to tell them...
-Getting stuck on a game for ages
~Cat x
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I answered this question in MGC already. If you really care that much, just grow up a little and read the answer over there.
GŁter auf die Bahn!
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Chocola teapot
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Lots of things that I will list later.

OH WAIT, It appears that after all these years, I never listed them.

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What really grinds my gears is bad drivers. I mean, how the hell did they get their license in the first place?
Also, when you ask someone something (like at the store), and they completely ignore you lol .
"I'm full of bad ideas, remember?" - Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 2
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