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Lightbulb TRNG - Grip Bar Tutorial

OK, let's begin.
First, we need to make the bar itself. Use the Customize= command to create a bar that satisfies you. In the Extra field, however, you need to put a VARIABLE INDEX. With this, the bar will know how much grip you have left. So let's say, for example, we will use Local Byte Beta1 (#0044 in the script).

Now on to how the bar works.
Make a Trigger Group (TG) with a condition, saying if you're hanging onto a ledge (Hanged), then make a second TG that starts an Organizer (We'll get on to that later). Then you put these two TGs into a Global Trigger (GT) and set the FGT_ field to FGT_SINGLE_SHOT_RESUMED. Also, the GT field is always GT_CONDITION_GROUP. Now on to TG3, which says if the grip is 0, and TG4 which disables action for 1 second. Do you understand this? Good. Now, we have to make GT2, which has the same FGT as GT1, but with TG3+4.

TG5 should say if you're NOT grabbing a ledge, and TG6 should set the grip to 100 and also hide the grip bar. Put these into GT3, but set the FGT as IGNORE. Now make TG7, which is the same as TG1 (you cannot use the same TG twice), and TG8, which shows the grip bar for however long you want the it to last. Make the final GT with TG7+8, then forward to the Organizer:

First, make TG9, which subtracts 1 from the grip variable, then build the organizer, which goes like this:
(the 3 makes it 10 seconds long, but you can put whatever number you wish)

If you don't understand this, just put this into your script:
TriggerGroup= 1,$8000,18,$5;if grabbing ledge =true,
TriggerGroup= 2,$2000,127,$1;peform Organizer #1
TriggerGroup= 3,$8000,68,$2B;if grip =0,
TriggerGroup= 4,$2000,51,$109;disable action for 1 second
TriggerGroup= 5,$8000,18,$105;if grabbing ledge =false,
TriggerGroup= 6,$2000,232,$6444,$2000,332,$4;set grip =100, hide custom bar 1
TriggerGroup= 7,$8000,18,$5;if grabbing ledge =true,
TriggerGroup= 8,$2000,331,$A04;show custom bar 1 for 10 seconds
TriggerGroup= 9,$2000,233,$144;grip -1

Thanks for your co-operration.

Special thanks to Raymond for all the help and support!!!
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