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Default LC&TGoL Preview In Games Master Magazine (June 2010 Issue)

The puzzles sound soooo cool!
Shame it's apparently short but I guess it will vary for everyone.
Can't wait!
Tomb Raider Woo!
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Cool article! Thanks for posting.
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Thank you

The highest score is 5?
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It may be 'just' an XBLA and PSN game , but there's nothing to suggest Lara's latest outing is anything less than brilliant . A pleasant shocker .

Thanks for sharing !
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WOW, thank you! It's so positive, w000t!
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Thanks for the scan mkdfan. Even full priced retail games are mostly short these days, I would not worry about GOL being short, it should have plenty of replay value.
Emma Watson would make a great Lara, and a British actress should play a British icon!
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Alex Fly
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Sounds very good. Thanks a lot for posting !
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Great article, thanks!
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They said it is Brilliant! although I'm a tad concerned about the Co-op in some terms, like when it said that Totec has to spear stuff for lara to interact with, will it be easy for the player playing as Totec to notice that he needs to do that? I have no mic so I can't really talk to another player about how we are going to get past something, but I'll probably just play with a friend first
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It says its brilliant. I was quite optimistic about this game. But it seems CD will disappoint once more. Can be completed in one sitting? Ugh. "The game doesnt punish you, deaths are quickly forgotten with a quick respawn" That also bothered me. But sigh, Ill get the game anyways :/.
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