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Default Opinions on eye-contact?

There's only two people I'm perfectly fine with making it with, but for most other people if I do it for over a few seconds, I feel uncomfortable.

Your thoughts?
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I can't make eye-contact with anyone for more than about a second. Just feels wrong. Especially in job interviews and stuff with complete strangers or someone that's judging how you act.

And I don't know anyone on that 'level' that I can make eye-contact without it feeling awkward and uncomfortable, like a boyfriend or best friend.....
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I'm usually able to make eye contact with people I don't know, and people I do know I'm comfortable with doing so. The problem otherwise with strangers comes when I start to become conscious of it, and then it becomes difficult and uncomfortable, and I pretty much give up on it. I just hope that it doesn't make me seem rude or disinterested.

If someone is staring at me, however, then I force myself to stare back until they stop. That bugs me more than the eye contact itself.
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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I always make eye contact. Eyes are the window to our souls, it really helps to read people better when you're making eye contact.

The only time I don't make eye contact is if someone makes me feel uncomfortable and I am trying to avoid prolonged conversation.
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I tend to make eye contact with everybody unless I'm talking about something that troubles me, or if I'm thoughtfully listening to someone. I've always been told that it's a sign you're paying attention to what someone is saying, and as Melonie said, the eyes are the windows to the soul.
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I always look people in the eye when speaking to them. It's just natural.
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Eye contact isn't something I ever pay conscious attention to, to be honest. I'm sure theres plenty of people I do make eye contact with, but for the most part when I'm talking to someone (such as a customer at work) my eyes are wandering all over the store. When it comes to job interviews and I want to make it at least look like I'm making eye contact, especially if I'm feeling nervous for some reason, i just look at their mouth.
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I try to look people in the eye. It's awkward looking anywhere else.

Though with people I don't really know, it feels weird. Like they can see everything thats wrong with me, physically speaking. So usually I just stare straight ahead and occasionally look at them/their eyes.
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I always look in someone's eyes when I talk to them. And when I'm scared I stare in that person's eyes because I force myself to not be scared.
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I prefer a balance, I make eye contact for a few seconds then look away. Too much eye contact is a bit strange to me.

Some animals see it as a threat so it must freak them out a bit as well.
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