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Arrow Epic Game Moments

Have you ever had an epic moment whilst playing a game or playing on Xbox Live or PSN? Perhaps you executed a perfect stunt in a racing game or pulled a James Bond-like manoeuvre in Grand Theft Auto? Share your stories here!

My most epic game moment was whilst playing Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox Live. I joined a GTA Race match in which all participants had to get from point A to point B first, by any means necessary. The match commenced and I was sprinting to get to a vehicle. Well, the game leader was ahead of me and noticed I was getting close to a car. He turns round and fires at me, killing me. I respawn and head for a car. He does it again and a third time after that before hopping into a Merit and speeding toward the finish line, while "talkin' smack" all the way there about how he's dominant, etc.

So I find myself a Sabre GT and follow him. The finish line is in Alderney, across a small body of water. According to my map, he got to the area and got out of his car, proceeding to swim across, go around a water silo and reach the finish line.

Now this is where I shone like the brightest star in the sky: what I did next was not planned. I didn't know it was going to happen. I saw the finish line and slammed on the gas. I thought it was a straight shot. Little did I know, there was a ramp that didn't properly render into view until I got close. I hit the ramp and the Sabre GT launched over the body of water and hit the finish line, just a moment before the game leader got there, winning the match for myself !

So as we all returned to the game lobby, the game leader was once again "talkin' smack" so I cranked up the volume of my microphone and let him have it - I told him that that was what he gets for playing dirty and that slow and steady always wins the race. He got mad and ended up leaving the game, and probably gave my account a bad rating just because he was annoyed. But I don't care. I had my moment and I'll never forget it .
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One of my most epic moments was blasting my best mate midair with a rocket launcher in Unreal Tournament lol noone else had been able to kill him except for me.

Pwning someone in Call of Duty World at War online, hitting him in the head with a freakish shot from the rocket launcher was awesome. ****wit kept accusing me of cheating like a lot do on Xbox live.
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Uncharted 2 MP, so many epic "lawlz, you just got pwned" moments =D
Mostly massive kill streaks, and shutting those trash talkers on the mic up
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I haz a video of my most epic moment in Uncharted 2
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Hmm... pwning somebody with a bazooka while I was armed with an M1 Garand and then a pistol (I ran out of ammo) (headshot from afar, BTW) in Medal of Honor Heroes
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Pretty sure in Gta 4 while playing cops n crooks, as the Crooks I was the last remaining member apart from the boss, he was cornered by the Cops who were walking towards him slowly taunting him. As they began to move in I was desperatly bombing along a bridge toward their position on the map on a motorbike, as I am going I hit an unrendered car. Instead of flying off into the water the bike flew over the side of the bridge and as my friend shouted
"I'm a dead man" the motorbike landed on top on one of the 'cops' crushing him and then hit the other knocking him over giving me enough time to aim and shoot him before collecting the boss and dropped him at the safety point.

Exhillirating stuff!
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Final boss battle of Advent Rising.
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This probably isn't so amazing to most who have played this game, but it is to me.

In Resi 5 I managed to complete the Savannah mission on Veteran mode. Basically you're on the back of a truck and you've got to shoot the bad guys as they try to annihilate the truck you're riding on.

I was so scared about that level since a few of people said that bit was so hard for them. Having such low confidence in my ability and thinking I suck at gaming, I thought if they couldn't do it then there was no way I could. Didn't think I'd be able to do it even on amateur mode never mind veteran!
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Catracoth, your story sounds like some gaming movie
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