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Cool If I become a mod, I will...

Due to the popularity of this thread: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...173966&page=38 (which is full of , by the way)
I decided to create a thread where you can tell others what would you like to do if you become a mod.
For example - "If I become a mod, I will ban the Master of Boobs (and so on)."
This is the place where you can tell us all your dirty dreams about what would you do with the power all the TRF moderators own
If you don't like the idea, you can pretend this thread is actually a game
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Well okay, If for some reason I was made a mod again, I'd step down... after seeing if I've been wrong about the current mods of course.
I'm responsible for what I say... I'm not responsible for what you hear.
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Ada the Mental
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If I became a mod I'd make sure the forum had a lot more cowbell. Bruce Dickinson (yes, THE Bruce Dickinson) says it needs it.

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If I was a supermod I would swing my Banhammer in a few directions
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Legend of Lara
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I would... solve world hunger.
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I'd go into space
I'm great, you're great, everybody's great.
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If I were to become a mod....

I'd abolish all the poverty in the Tomb Raider modding section.
blue is the yellowist colour
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...do a tip-top job, 24/7. Vote for me!
Hold your momma real tight - she's turning colours in the blacklight.
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マリスミゼル ♥
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