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Default Playing Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business without (much) hassle using DosBox

Yesterday I got Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business running without much hassle using dosbox and rendering the scenes in true colour at the resolution of my desktop (1440x900) using a custom build of DosBox.

Tomb Raider was re-released alongside Unfinished Business a couple of times with different packages. When I bought mine in 1998, they had a nice add-on: modified EXE files to use 3Dfx cards and play with smoothed textures, 60fps rate and higher resolutions than the original executables, which ran in a 640x480, 256 colours and very low frame rates.

All you had to do was install the games from the CDs, and then overwrite TOMB.EXE and TOMBUB.EXE with the 3dfx-enabled versions.

I installed a special version of DosBox, the famous MSDOS emulator, which includes a Glide wrapper. What's that? Well, it's a module which works with such kind of executables, and translates the calls to the original 3Dfx hardware to Direct3D or OpenGL, which every current videocard support.

Follow these steps:

1.- Grab this special version here: http://www.mojontwins.com/warehouse/...e-20101030.zip

2.- Once it's downloaded, unzip it anywhere, for example C:\DOSBOX

3.- Now create a folder in your hard disk which will be "your virtual hard disk". For example, create a folder called C:\DOSDRIVE

4.- Open notepad. Then, browse to C:\DOSBOX and drag the file "dosbox.conf" onto notepad. This should open the configuration file.

5.- Go to the end of the file and type-in the following two lines:

mount c C:\DOSDRIVE
mount d e:\ -t cdrom
Replace the e:\ in the second line for your actual CDROM drive letter. Save the file and close notepad.

6.- Now start dosbox (double click on dosbox.exe or dosbox_admin.exe if you use Vista or 7). In step 5, you have configured your MSDOS environment so the virtual C:\ drive is the folder C:\DOSDRIVE and the virtual D:\ drive is your real CDROM drive. This enables DOSBOX to open the actual Tomb Raider CDROM and execute the installer. As C:\DOSDRIVE is your virtual C:\ drive in DOSBOX, the game will be installed to C:\DOSDRIVE\TOMBRAID.

7.- Put your original Tomb Raider or Unfinished Business CDROM in your drive.

8.- In dosbox, follow the installation instructions to install Tomb Raider or Unfinished Business the same way you would in a MSDOS machine, for example, in my instructions booklet I was commanded to type:

9.- In the install menu, highligh "Autodetect" so the program autodetects the video card settings. Select "Test" so you can hear the "Right! Let's go adventuring!" to check that everything is working fine.

10.- Now install the game. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds.

11.- Exit DOSBOX for now. (The game will work right away if you go to C:, then type CD TOMBRAID, then TOMB, but we want it to look good!)

12.- Download http://www.ojodepez-fanzine.net/alma...3dfx_patch.zip (or http://www.ojodepez-fanzine.net/alma...3dfx_patch.zip if you are installing Unfinished Business), open the ZIP file, browse inside the folders to find TOMB.EXE, and extract it over C:\DOSDRIVE\TOMBRAID\TOMB.EXE (or TOMBUB.EXE if you are installing Unfinished Business). When Windows ask you if you want to overwrite, answer YES. Now your EXE file will be the 3Dfx-enabled one. The easiest way is to browse inside the ZIP file (TOMBRAID, then 3DFX) and drag and drop the TOMB.EXE (or TOMBUB.EXE) file onto C:\DOSDRIVE\TOMBRAID.

13.- Run DOSBOX again. Type C:, then CD TOMBRAID, then TOMB (or TOMBUB) and enjoy. Remember to leave the original CDROM in the drive. This is, type:

If you want to enable fullscreen or tweak the video settings, just operate the DOSBOX main menu.

From now on, everytime you want to play Tomb Raider, insert the CDROM in the drive, and repeat step #13.

This works like a charm for other MSDOS 3Dfx-enabled games such as Carmageddon.

I just wanted to share :-)

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lord gaga
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Yep! And it really doesn't play too bad!
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In my Windows 7 box it works like a charm I used to use Glidos, but I was getting stability issues in my current computer.
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The Truth is out there...
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Well, it seems that I reinvented the wheel
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Great find. I'm going to save this thread. =)
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