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Tomb Raider
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Default The overrated thread

What things and/or people do you feel are overrated?
Here's mine:

Saturday nights - A convenient excuse to get loaded.

New years eve - See above.

The Dallas Cowboys - Maybe the networks should consider putting this team on hold until they become a legitimate contender. I'm not interested in watching an also-ran and I'm sure many others aren't either. America's team my ass!

Facebook - just another outlet to post a bunch of things that no one really cares about or is interested in. Bleah!

McDonalds and all the other crap fast food - it's funny how most people say they like it but no one would ever dream of taking their date there.

C'mon peeps, let's hear them.
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New years eve is not overrated! It's the night before my birthday, thus THE perfect excuse to get wasted!

BMW's and Audi's are overrated imo. More like the drivers are real assholes on road.
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Relic Hunter
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inb4 "this thread".

Oh, and Coca Cola... Seriously
I'm great, you're great, everybody's great.
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Facebook, Lady Gaga, Sony Ericsson, all things Apple, XBox 360, PS3 [/thread]
Splish splash we’re tearin it up ‪#‎RubberBandStacks‬
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Halo and CoD
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larson n natla
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Britney Spears/ Lady Gaga/ Katy Perry

COD/HALO/Tomb Raider (TRL-TRU)


Merry Christmas all
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The show "Firefly"... *hides in flame-proof bunker* I just don't see why everyone's raving over it like it's the best thing since Star Trek.
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Lady Gaga.
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I would like to say TR, but that's just not as overrated as it used to be. Up to you if you think if that's good or bad.
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*Hayley Williams/Katy Perry/ perhaps Lady Gaga
*Clubbing/going out on the town - who exactly wants some creep coming onto you when you're too drunk to do anything about it?
*Apple items
* Kissing in the rain (I might change my mind on this at a later date )

That's all I can think of for now...
"A little bit of heaven with a wild side"
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