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Default Tomb Raider: The four Elements

After several events involving natural disasters in late 2012, Lara begins to defend the hypothesis that the ancient Mayan prophecy might be true, then decides to look into old books about the Mayan civilization and ends up finding facts that favor the prediction of civilization...


The legend said that the elemental stones were delivered to the Mayan civilization by their gods, they should protect the stones of humanity, but with the arrival of the Spaniards stones were scattered to the four corners of the globe, not to fall into the wrong hands. The exact location of each stone was ever discovered by man, but the few who had gone in search of stones managed a few clues.
There were four stones, each representing an element (earth, fire, water and air). The holder of each stone would have the power over the corresponding element, which could be a danger, and that was what led the Mayans to hide the stones around the world. If the stones stay separated for a long time, nature go into imbalance causing the end of time.
To prevent any damage to the planet, the stones should be returned to the temple of the goddess of Nature. The temple is lost in time and space, the only way to reach the temple is by a hidden portal in a Mayan pyramid, and the only way to get there is with stones in hands


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Very nice pics

But the mountains on horizon in 2nd pic kinda look cartoonish.
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But I found a lot of mistakes here:
The lighting looks bland and plain in all of the pictures and the textures on the stairs are rotated wrong. The mountains on the sides also look really flat. The waterline on the beach also looks straight and unnatural. The horizon in the first non editor screen just doesn't fit, everything is higher in graphical quality except that particular horizon. I'm also observing the screens on your blog that you posted. The screens on the blog also look bland in lighting and are really blocky and plain. But I bet you can fix all of them.
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Well, this is my first level, though still not the final version I agree that I need to improve a lot .. I'll take your tips to improve my level! Thank you!
(And excuse my bad english)
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looks good ^_^ cant wait to see the final version of your level
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Welcome to this forum, EmanuelCroft!

Not bad at all for a first level!

I agree with mudkip25 on all the things he mentioned but here's also my personal take on the ingame screens:
Good textures and they are used well. They fit together, so that is good.
Sinc ethe floor seems to be made of rock I would expect it to be a bit more bumpy. Not big bumps, but just 1 or 2-click high mounts or dents. This'll make the floor more interesting and natural looking.

The textures on the stairs are either wrongly rotated or very squished.

The plants are growing on the solid rock. I know plants can grow in cracks in rocks but there's also often some more green stuff around. Either moss or other small platns like grasses. So using some greass/moss textures (with transition textures to make a nice and natural transition from the rock to the moss/grass) here and there would make more sense.

The horizon does indeed look cartoony compared to the higher res rocks and building. You could use a suitable 3D horizon or you could get rid of the mountains altogether so you'll only have the clear blue sky. Those rocks you made around the building block the view to the horizon anyway.

The environment in this screenshot looks more organic and natural and that is a good thing.
The shoreline could be made more irregular to make it look more natural.

The textures on the rocks kinda look like they were thrown on there, because they look like most of them aren't rotated correctly yet.
It's quite a bit of work to get textures rotated correctly, but it is worth it.
I like how you used a lot of triangles to give the rocks a more natural look.

The textures are lowres compared to the ones in the first ingame screen.
This strikes me as odd because both levels will be part of the same levelset, right? It is best to use the same quality textures in all the levels of one levelset. (Are there any TR3 Coastal Village remade textures )

Looks good.
The only thing that stikes me as odd are those black (rock?) textures.
The look out of place to me because of their colour and they seems to have a lower resolution than the rest of the textures in that room. Adn the ones on that wall seem to be stretched.

Oh gosh... that's a lot of comments.
Don't let my comments let you down!
They are meant to help you improve the levels but it is still up to you if you want to use any of it.
Just keep on building, you are well on your way!
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First ignore any clerical error ... I'm still learning English!

I'll use your tips to improve my level...
I edited my post to be more organized!
Here are more pictures for you to help me fix the mistakes...

And these are the outfits of Lara ... (My friend Jessica Croft made in XNA)

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This looks amazing cant wait to play it
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You should learn how to light rooms because right now they all look so bland and boring. Except the darker Peru one looks nice, you should give all your rooms atmospheric lighting and always put 1 sunbulb in every room.
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