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Default TRLE Sprites - The Complete List

Ive seen bits and pieces of information about sprites about the web but never all together. So here it is. The only one i cant figure out for certain is Sprite 12 but i believe that its used in the lensflare. Also the bottom right corner of Sprite 10 is identical to sprite 14. Perhaps it is something to do with the PS1 sprites being kept seperate from the PC ones. Either way, they are used for underwater dust and snow.

Note that all the sprites starting with "PS1 Sprite" are not used in the PC version...yet. And can be used with TREP for different effects such as smooth shadows.


Fire Sprites
00 - Flame Emmiter/ Underwater blood/ Waterfall Mist
01 - Flame Emmiter/ Underwater blood/ Waterfall Mist
02 - Flame Emmiter/ Underwater blood/ Waterfall Mist
03 - Flame Emmiter/ Underwater blood/ Waterfall Mist

Water Sprites
04 - Splash Ring Pt1
05 - Splash Ring Pt2
06 - Splash Ring Pt3
07 - Splash Ring Pt4
08 - Water Splash
09 - Water Ring

Miscellaneous Sprites Pt3
10 - (Top Left Corner) PS1 sprite: Footprint
....-(Bottom Right Corner) Snow/Underwater dust?
11 - Shiny Effect/ centre of Blue lightning ball (flame-emitter3 with OCB1)/ TRNG glow effect for flares
12 - Lensflare Pt5?

Underwater Sprites
13 - Underwater Bubbles
14 - Underwater Dust/ snow

Miscellaneous Sprites Pt2
15 - Blood
16 - Rope
17 - Motorbike/Jeep 'R'
18 - Motorbike/Jeep 'D'

Inventory Sprites
19 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Background
20 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt1
21 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt2
22 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt3
23 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt4
24 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt5
25 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt6
26 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt7
27 - PS1 sprite: Inventory Border Pt8

Lightning Sprites
28 - Lightning. Used in Flame Emitter 3 and Lightning conductor.

Lensflare Sprites
29 - Lensflare Pt1 (Ring)
30 - Lensflare Pt2 (Ring2)
31 - Lensflare Pt3 (Sundisk)
32 - Lensflare Pt4 (Bright Spark)


Ive never seen a wad with these sprites but from what i can find out they contain some little sprites used to show the found items on the mine detector (those little blinking lights).


These are the clouds you see scrolling across the sky.

00 - Clouds Pt1
01 - Clouds Pt2
02 - Clouds Pt3
03 - Clouds Pt4

I exported all four sprites and they all fit together to make one 128x128 cloud texture. It would seem the engine renders them together ingame. Useful for those who wish to make higher res cloud sprites...


Sprites only in TRNG. They are a set of 21 sprite textures each containing 9 symbols/letters. As these textures are created automatically with NG Font Editor (located in the Tools section of NG Center) I see no reason to go into a full list.

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10 - Foot Print/Snow/Underwater dust.
I don't think 14 is used.
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Tutorial cleaned up be deleting posts.
Tutorial thread closed.

Please discuss the list in the general TRLE section if you like.
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