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Default TRNG - Force Lara to unhand at a polerope's end

NOTE : I make this tutorial as if you were a real tenderfoot with no knowledge. I hope experts will understand!

I think it's already happened to some of you! You tried to make polerope like that, sorta stalactite :

But when Lara come to polerope's end... she is still hanging but on air ! It's really embarrassing if you have a gap under or if you want to Lara to come down by other way... plus it's quiet unreal !

First Step :
Happily with TRGN, you could force Lara to unhand the polerope ! You need to script a multiple condition with a flipeffect!
First, place a trigger under the polerope (in the downest room)! You'll need a flipeffect like that :

In Parameters I choose the key "Action" cause it will force the engine to do as if you have released the "Action" key. So Lara fall from the polerope!
Btw you could choose other values for Extra but I don't advise you a value higher than 2 seconds!

Second Step :
1st Condition :
It's wonderfull but when Lara is on this case she won't be able to make action during 1 or 2 seconds! That's why we have to specify in which condition she will do that! We need two conditions. As we can't make two conditions on one case, we need to export them on the script (Yes, it's possible ) ... so open your script, we'll import these triggers! It's very easy , more precisely as easy as ABC!

Make a new line of "TriggerGroup=", the syntax is :

"TriggerGroup= IdGroup, ExportValue1 + TGROUP_ flags, ExportValue2, ExportValue3, {Other Values 1/2/3 of exported triggers or conditions)"

I hope you understand this! What, you don't? Even if it's writed in References of NG Center, I'm going to explain to you! So, the IdGroup is just a number (1, then 2, 3 etc.) that you have to assign to tell what TriggerGroup it is ; like a name or a speudo to designate someone! Then, it's more complicated, ExportedValues are infos of Triggers. Let's begin ; you'll understand later!

Write a number for your TriggerGroup, then you need the triggers! You need NGLE to export them.... What are waiting for? Don't tell me that you don't know what's NGLE ! Ah, you wait that I tell you to open it... Ooof
Well, so open NGLE and let's continue! Make a trigger anywhere as you want (cause it will be deleted after).
I choose this condition cause I'm not sure about State ID, Status and Performing action. The animation 335 is when Lara slide down on the polerope... we just need this animation!! ["Why ?" BECAUSE!! ] It's cool but how we export this Trigger in the script : Click on "Export Script Trigger"!
Just copy, paste the values to add in your command!

You will have a command like that :
"TriggerGroup= 3, $8000, 335, $1E"
You could now delete this trigger cause it useless in NGLE!

2nd Condition :

You still need an other condition cause otherwise Lara will fall when she slide down on the polerope!

You need to export a Vertical Trigger to specify the end of the polerope.

/!\ Your Vertical Trigger is different depending on the high of the polerope's end. Moreover, it should start 4 click under the polerope and the high of the trigger should be of 2.5 click. In fact, it looks more realistic if the Vertical Trigger is shift of 2.5 click under the polerope's end due to Lara's colission box!
You just have to export the values in your script (different according to your Vertical Trigger).

You will have something nearly like that :

TriggerGroup=              3 >                       ; 1st Polerope Pit of  Light 
                           ,$8000, 335, $1E >        ; Lara is  performing animation 335
                           ,$8000, 40, $409          ; Vertical Trigger of  20 clicks from floor and high 2.5 click

Don't forget to delete this trigger, it's again useless! Save and Build your script!

Third Step :
After all, you just need to place a Multiple Condition under the polerope, normally on your flipeffect :

Of course, you choose your TriggerGroup and DON'T DELETE THIS TRIGGER cause this is the one which specify the conditions!!

For each poleropes you need different TriggerGroup : "The vertical trigger then needs to be changed according to the height of that particular polerope and exported to be placed in a new TG. The condition for the animation can be the same. So if you have used 3 poleropes at different heights from the floor, you'll need 3 different TriggerGroups." (Titak)

Then converte your project to test the final result! Wonderfull, it should work : when Lara come to end she fall!

Note :
Why I didn't use just a vertical trigger as condition?? Because if you want Lara takes the polerope from a cracks in the wall next to it and if she touchs the area she won't take it and she just falls! Example? Okay, this is :

In red it's the way to climb... when Lara is in the yellow circle, the polerope (blue) behind her is at the same high and when she jumps to the polerope she (unfortunaly) touchs the area of the condition trigger and then she can't take the polerope : she falls due to the trigger! That's why, it needs two conditions !
That's it!

PS : Don't post any messages here, if you want : HERE you go (for the old thread)!
"You nailed it!"

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