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Smile Angel Of Darkness Text Editor

Hi folks!

What I made today is a tiny tool which basically enables you to simply extract all (unused and used) text from the text_uk.db file to a .txt file, edit that file, and put it back in the .db (inject) so it all the strings show up in the game properly.
So, it's basically an extractor and injector. Could be useful for translations, mods, videos in which the subtitles are redundant etc.

Included with the package is an explanation of the file format, which is extremely simple. I'm quite positive that someone has already done this in the past (I've searched through the forum a bit, nothing turned up though); if this is the case, feel free to close this thread.
Here is a screenshot from Parisian Ghetto:

Here is the download for the complete package: aod_txt.zip

And a little standalone extra for those interested, it removes all subtitles & text from the game (could be useful for videos, perhaps?):
Just put it in the same directory as the other .exe's, but watch out: it basically deletes all the text from the .db, so you'll certainly need a backup and the SCU to select the levels easily (as the menus aren't visible as well when you remove all text)!

Please do read the read_me.txt file included with the package, it will probably answer the most obvious questions. Feel free to ask additional questions here.

Thanks for your attention!

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And does she say those "unused" lines or is it just text?
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Well, the lines that you didn't hear in the games are obviously unused, so she doesn't ever say them. But they still extract as text, of course.
(The Tony picture above is just a joke I made, it's not a missing line.)
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Looks cool, thanks for this! I'm not particularly interested in scrolling through that huge text file, so this is awesome
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Thank you so much Active Man
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