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Post Faster texturing in Blender 3D.

The first part is only to teach new comers about the interface of blender, the main features, navigation, etc. If you're already familiar with blender skip this part.

Part 1.
Navigation in blender: The easiest and most efficient way of navigating in blender is to use the MMB( ) and dragging your mouse. This is called free rotate.
To zoom in and out scroll your MMB ( )
There are a total of about 7 views in the newest version of blender. Those are front, back, bottom, top, right, left, and camera. To change your view, go into view options in the 3D window. For a more in depth article on navigation in blender, visit Blender 3d: Noob to pro/ Navigation in 3D. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender...vigation_in_3D

Modelling in blender:
To model in blender you must be in edit mode. This one of the six object modes. The others are Object(default), sculpt, vertex paint, texture paint, and weight paint. To switch to edit mode press Tab. To change to the other modes access the mode menu at the bottom left corner of the 3D window.
There are 3 select modes in blender. Vertices(default), Edges, and faces. You can change the mode either by pressing the three buttons at the bottom right corner of the 3D window, or by pressing Ctrl+tab and choosing from the menu that pops up.
There are quite a few ways to select something in blender. You can use Box select(B+drag), free select(Ctrl+LMB+drag), or just RMB. To select more than one face at once use Shift. To select everything press A.
To scale in blender press S. To rotate in blender press R. To grab(move) in blender press G.
This is not a blender introduction tutorial however so i advise you visit these links to get yourselves familiar with blender.

Part 2.
The method I'm about to demonstrate does the fake UVing for you. There's no need for any cutting, pasting, resizing, or selecting. And best of all, it's all in one program.
For the sake of simplicity, I'll start with a rectangular tube.

We need to unwrap and texture this. So open a new window and go to the UV image editor. When unwrapping something, think of it like you're cutting it apart, trying to lay it down COMPLETELY flat. If it is not laid down completely flat it will lead to stretching in the texture. So i just select the edges i want to cut and press Ctrl E for the edges menu and press mark seam. The edge you selected should turn orange.

Now select everything and press U For the UV mapping options and press unwrap.
Your mesh should be unwrapped in the UV/Image editor window.

Now load a picture and positions your UV to fit. Now if you go into texture mode You'll see that your object is textured.

Now you need to apply this texture in editor types>texture. It's the button located to the right of the material button.

In the type option select image or movie and load in your image.

In 'Coord' select UV.
Now go into object data(the button with the triangle on it).
Scroll down to UV texture. Make sure you have your whole mesh selected and press the + button to add a new UV page. Now press U and select reset.
Now select every face 1 by one and assign a new texture to it by just simply creating a new texture while you have your individual face selected. Keep in mind that it needs to be the same size as you want it in WadMerger. I created a 128x128 texture for each face. Now go into render(the camera) and scroll down to bake. press it and the options should pop out. In the bake options select Textures. While having everything selected press bake. Once it's finsihed baking, go through each of the new textures you've created and you'll see it's baked to the textures.

Save them and add your textures to your WAD using WadMerger.

Tutorial on texturing using the projection paint method that I'd recommend: http://www.vimeo.com/7156622

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To the readers of this tutorial:

Please do not reply to this thread!
If you wish to discuss it, please make a discussion thread int eh general TRLE section.

Let's keep this a clean tutorial.
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Demonstration added in second post.
Doing Excalibur tomorrow.
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