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Default Meta - How to "draw" an object in 3D

Meta - How to "draw" an object in 3D
by Lara's Boyfriend and Level NextGen

Well what a strange title for a tutorial!
I want to share a little advice how to create some objects faster and easier with meta. Yesterday I was talking with Lara's BF showing me some of his great objects (you can see some THERE) and I was suprised I did not make them with a faster and easier method.
So I've found a while ago, a little function of meta that aim to create only a line like if you were drawing.

This marvelous function able you to create complex objects in shorter time and so in a more easier way than the "extrude" method. Of course you have to judge by your own when to use this. You won't build a simple table or a cube with this method because it could get harder and longer than the simple method.
Well let's show you example!

Hell Sword:
First search an image on the web to have a kinda base like here:

Then open Meta and importe the image as the background: Tab "View", Set Background Image and Load your image. You have certainly noticed you can have different images depending on the view in 3D.

You should have the image on meta background, check the view and this:

Now click on Create, and choose Line as shown uppon (Sean Paul?! ) well, as shown above
With the image on the background you just have to click (it will place a point) anywhere and keep placing points to draw a line. Finally it's really like drawing!

Take care of the number of vertices you'd placed and keep in mind you have to import the object in TRLE. Then start to create faces.

But the result is flat, move some lines to make relief and have a more 3D shape.
And it was only made in average 30 minutes and Lara's BF did the same in the same time. Take a look at here to see his result at 2:30: Showcase Round1

Finally after texturing I get this under Strpix with 512 vertices:
(yep it was textured under strpix in 2 hours )

Speed Building:

If you have some questions, go here: Level NextGen's Thread
"You nailed it!"
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