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Default The Lost City of Varaldun

Hi folks! I'd like to show off some previews for my upcoming level, called The Lost City of Varaldun. It's the BtB2011 level that I didn't finish in time last year. I put it aside for a few months, because of a lack of time and inspiration, but a while ago, I started working on it again with renewed inspiration. It's nowhere near completion as yet, but at least the end is in sight now.

According to the legends, the technology of the ancient city of Varaldun was centuries ahead of its time – the Varaldunians had factories that used steam power. Their city vanished without a trace a long time ago, and archaeologists have only a vague idea of where it used to be. But Lara Croft is determined to find out more about it. While she is investigating in the hills around Varaldun’s presumed location, she slips and falls down a waterfall. Suddenly, instead of barren hills, she is surrounded by pristine buildings … is this the city of Varaldun? But how did she get here? Has she gone back in time, or perhaps slipped into another dimension? All she knows that this is a chance of a lifetime – an opportunity to explore a long lost city when it was in its prime, and maybe even bring back a souvenir.

(Yeah, it's a silly story - pay no attention to it. )

Some screenshots: (I have shown some of them before in the Screenshot Showcase thread.)

I am using only the BtB2011 wad and textures, but I have changed Lara's outfit to Horus-Goddess's Steampunk outfit, as it suits the style of the level perfectly.

Update - 16/9/2012

Update - 9/10/2012

Update - 17/2/2103

Update - 20/3/2013 - Release: http://www.sendspace.com/file/i3i9tg

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I love the 2nd and 3rd screenshots
And I like simple stories
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Looking good!
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Looks great!
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I like the waterfall!
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^ Agree!
But i have never liked those base levels...
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The waterfalls are mesmerizing! This looks pretty cool.
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Looks amazing, Mytly! I especially like the outside areas with the waterfalls, so beautiful!
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Looks excellent, can’t wait I particularly love the geometry of the room in the 6th screen.
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Looks awesome! Environments are well done =D
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