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Default Do you prefer TR videos with or without commentary?

As somebody who does a lot of Tomb Raider videos on youtube I'd like to know if as a whole people prefer videos with commentary or without.
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Tomb Raider
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Depends whether or not is a game dialogue-heavy, if it's a game I'm well familiar with or not, if I'm looking for a walkthrough or a bit of some timekilling entertainment (or both ofc), if a guy's commentary is actually worth my ears or not, etc.

However, TR specifically I'd rather watch something with a commentary. I'm far too familiar with the games to watch it just to see some gameplay. Also, if you're not keen on your commentary and/or you don't have a good mic and/or you can't be bothered, there's always the option to just add a bunch of annotations (preferably not the YT ones) which, if you know how to handle them and don't want to do commentary, is often the best way to go.
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As long as the commentator is funny and/or interesting, I don't mind.
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Mad Tony
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As with all game videos, without. I just want to see how things are done, not hear somebody who's not funny try and act like they are.
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With. If I want to watch a game as it is, I would play it.
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The Walkthroughs without commentary. I prefer subtitles telling you Hints rather than listening to them they annoy me most of the time.
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Usually without. Most videos with commentary have really bugged me due to their annoying voices and useless chatter.
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With. But the new TR videos I don't like any kind of commentary because sometimes I can't understand what Lara's saying
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With commentary
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I don't mind, really.
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