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Default Horus' projects


I am currently working on my level series that is more or less a continuation to FotC. The first few levels take place in Greenland, where Lara will sneak onto a ship to get to the lost island of Atlantis (which is, however, not related to that weird Atlantis from TR1/Anniversary, but instead more rooted in Greek mythology).
Here's some screens from Greenland and the ship - the first three levels are sort of working with the TRNG engine now, the next two levels after that (Atlantis) are finished in terms of gameplay and graphics but they still depend on trep, so I will edit those later to make them TRNG compatible in order to show some screens.

The NL Technologies research base in Greenland.

The Borealis, the ship that leads NL Technologies' expedition to Atlantis

Also, I recently added some of my objects and textures to TRsearch. Feel free to check them out and use them in your levels, provided you give me credit

Texture sets

garden and greenery

desert textures

snowy textures

jungle texture set

Versailles texture set

Object sets
Pirate themed stuff

Complete packages
Back to Basics Steampunk package

feedback is always welcome

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Wow, welcome back!!! Amazing screenshots, as usual!
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Those looks really good! Love the lighting!
So is this your first project working with TRNG? How are you liking it : )?
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Oh god, I was waiting for this
I think I'll die, I'm so excited for it, incredible
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Fragments of the Core was a stunning game! Looking forward to more images of those!
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That first screenshot is stunning!
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Looks amazing! Love your work!
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I have been spying this project on Tinulin a lot, i always loved those Altantis screenshots, can't wait to see more.

When will your website be launched again?
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Love it! Your textures are impressive!
Sometimes I wish I was a martian, but then again, this night is truly exquisite.
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Nadine, welcome back! I was waiting for something new from you The screens look beautiful! I guess we would all love to play these levels
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