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Arrow Guide to making the gunman disappear

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on making the gunman in Tomb Raider LA - Shakespeare Cliff disappear.

Step 1
Turn the switch by the entrance door (assuming you haven't killed the gunman).

Step 2
Run to the back of this storage room and wait for the gunman to catch up to you.

This is a good spot

Step 3
Quickly run back outside again and activate the switch. This will shut the door locking him in. This may take a couple tries

Step 4
Push the block right up next to the closed door.

Step 5
This is the hardest part. Use the switch again and immediately and quickly run behind the block and push the block through the doorway.

If you have done this incorrectly, you will see the gunman has escaped

If you have done this correctly, the block should be in the doorway with the gunman still on the other side.

Step 6
Go reactivate the switch again. You will see the door goes right through the block.

Step 7
Trigger the door with the switch one last time.

Step 8
Push the block through so you can get inside the storage room again.

And there you have it! He's gone and no where to be found!

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I didn't realize it's possible to do that!
On my Low kills run, I just hid from him using the block and used the switch.
Hid again, then pushed the block forwards, hid once again and finally pulled the block so it was blocking the door way from outside.

Would have liked to have done it your way personally
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nice find, must be hard to find this
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Wow this is Impossible there must be ghosts
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