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Default Creating a Water Light Reflection

In this thread, I will show you how to create a water light reflection.

Summary of the whole thing:
The object is a flat square that fits the water surface with a shining transparent texture.

This is only a basic tutorial for the reflection, feel free to create a tutorial of an updated/advanced version of it if you figure out a new or a better way.

Let us get started!
First of all, create your room and the water room.

Then count the squares needed to calculate the object's size to be placed on the surface of the water correctly.

Create the flat square object in meta that suits the size of the water pool surface.

After exporting the object, send the object to Strpix to texture it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The object must be in an animating slot!

Texture the object with the Magenta texture, and add as much as you want on the shine.

After you're finished, Open LE and place the object properly on the water's surface; do not overlap the two objects if you're going to put two of the objects.

The Result:

If you know a better way to create it, feel free to post an updated/advanced tutorial under this post.
NO DISCUSSIONS IN THIS THREAD PLEASE, discuss outside the tutorial section.
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Creating reflections only on waves:
Thanks to Klona tutorial it is now possible to create shiny reflection on water. But you can improve his method using a different meshing!

The tip is to distord lines like to create a wave effect. Btw the mesh is flat (every vertices aligned horizontally)
With this kind of meshing the shiney effect will react like waves and create a render similar to TR Underworld
Then you can texture it with this texture, it will add to the wave effect:
Result at left and normal water at right!

You can use static slot! As far as you import object as moveable (when it asks for lighting type in strpix) And apply Shine (I use 31 value here)
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