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Default Meta2TR - Tip on how to animate tree leaves fastly

Meta2TR - Tips on how to animate tree leaves fastly

I assume you know how to use Meta2TR
But read this if you don't understand what I'm talking about: Wave and reflection effects

Once upon a time, teme9 was wondering:
Originally Posted by teme9 View Post
What im hoping from future Meta2tr updates is that you can edit all the same static objects to have that movement.(by editing only the 1 slot for the static) It would make making wind effect for plants so much easier. Sadly as far as I know it is not yet possible.
Indeed it's impossible for now and when trying to animate leaves we should assigned weight on every choosen vertices of each plants merged in every rooms. It's a hard work and sometimes when you get a 10 plants you can hardly which vertices to animate

However I discovered that we can assigned weight on vertices and copy/past an object, it keeps weight on the copied object. And this is useful to know
By the way, I am using last version of Meta(3.1) but it seems to works with previous versions.

Step 1:
Change the static tree/plant, "PLANT4" by example, into an invisible one (delete faces) but saving it as "New_PLANT4" so you keep the old one.

Step 2:
Then open ROOM_ALL and merged in new objects each plants you want to have animated leaves.

Step 3:
Assigned weight on some vertices (usualy 0.10 as 0.30, it seems to act the same)
Originally Posted by teme9 View Post
Try to add the vertice weight for the very end of the leaves only!
The effect works best on big polygons (such as those big ferns over the pillar) If the leaf/leaves are on a small face/triangle the effect won't as good as on a big face/triangle (of course this can be situational too)
Step 4:
Then copy/paste, place each trees/plants where they should be and merged them in its room (You can help you with TRNG). As you already assigned weight on vertices it will be kept!
But take care of the colision and about This:
Objects that extend beyond the limits of a room get visually cut off.
The solution to this problem is to cut away the upper part of the merged tree using the "knife" command and to move it into the mesh of the upper room.
Step 5:
Drag RoomAll into meta2TR (with changed room all visible of course!) and the New_Plants object that has been changed to an invisible object! So you have your tree animated thanks to an easier way!

Watch it on YouTube with 480p for better quality and bigger window view (no need fullscreen mode)
"You nailed it!"
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