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Default Iron door with wheel

Hi, in this thread, i'm going to show you how to create an iron door with wheel like in TR2 or TR5 Do you know what i mean?

first you need this pack:
[EDIT: Link is wrong. Link removed]

Open your level and choose the room where you import these objects.
Put the DOOR_TYPE1 into the room.
Then put the SWITCH_TYPE1 and ANIMATING1 on the same sector. Click on ANIMATING1 and press "O" (1,2,3,4,5 values must be ENABLE), because of the activation of ANIMATING1.
Then click on the SWITCH_TYPE1, OCB value must be a switch annimation of Lara, in this case it is 2 (check the Switch manager in WadMerger). Click on the DOOR_TYPE1 and set trigger. Then click on the ANIMATION1, choose ACTION in trigger field -> Force animation 0-31 -> 1Animation

This is the screen where is the field of ACTION trigger

Finally click on the SWITCH_TYPE1 and set SWITCH trigger.

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Addendum, made by AkyV:

In TR2 Offshore Rig, the wheel switch is placed on the door, and it will move together with the door, if the door is activated by the switch. - So you need to synchronize the animations of the switch and the door, if you want to do the same in your level.
If you canít do that, then here is a solution:

Copy the wheel switch and its door (with yellow/black stripes) from Offshore Rig WAD to your WAD.
After that, you load your WAD into your level, placing the door and switch next to each other, with the usual triggers under the switch, expecting everything will work perfectly, if you type the proper value (for the proper animation) in the OCB of the switch.

But the method of TR2 and TR4 engine is not the same:

TR2 does this with the door animations:

Animation 0 - nothing happens, the door is closed.
Animation 1 - this is a "fake" animation. I mean, nothing happens, but this animation is running while Lara is turning the wheel.
Animation 2 - the door opens, with the wheel together.

The problem is TR4 will activate the door (its fake Animation1) only if the switch has reached the last (loop) frame of the switch-using animations. It is switch Animation2 Frame46 now.

That's why I did this:

- I skipped Animation1 of the door:

= In State Change Editor I changed the next animation (1) of Animation0 into 2.
= In State Change Editor I removed the entry for Animation1, in Animation2.

- I removed SWITCH and TRIGGER triggers under the switch. Instead of that, a GlobalTrigger will open the door:

TriggerGroup= 1, $9000, 31, $215
TriggerGroup= 2, $5000, 32, $2B

$9000, 31, $215 is a C21 condition: "if object with ID 31 (it is the switch in my example) is just performing its Animation2". (Animation2 is the animation of the switch when the switch is moving with the opening door together.)
$5000, 32, $2B is an A43 ACTION trigger: "activate object with ID 32 (it is the door in my example)". Because door Animation1 is skipped, now the door is opening now, with its Animation2.

By the way, the proper value is 8662 (8192+470) in the OCB of the switch, so Lara will use Animation470 to turn the switch.
8192 is a technical value. And I recommended the free ID470 animation slot for the wheel switch animation of Lara, because that is the slot where TR5 used that animation. (You can find the animation in one of the TR5 Russia WADs.)
Data for Animation 470: StateID will remain 40, Next Anim/Next Frame naturally is 103/0.

(WADMerger Switch Manager values will not always work properly. Eg. when Lara is turning the wheel switch with OCB 3, defined by Switch Manager, then she doesnít stand tightly at the switch, and you can turn her with the cursor arrows. - That is why I suggested the new TRNG OCB now. See the description in NG Center/Reference: new OCB values for SWITCH_TYPE1, 2 and 3.)
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