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View Poll Results: Do you like Tomb Raider ('13)'s story?
Loved everything about it, including the journals 69 26.44%
Loved the main plot, not bothered about the journals 18 6.90%
Liked it, the journals help flesh it out 96 36.78%
Liked it...there were optional journals? 2 0.77%
I don’t care for story 11 4.21%
Disliked the main story only, the journals were okay 35 13.41%
Disliked the journals, but the main plot was mostly okay 0 0%
Disliked the main....wait, there were optional journals? 3 1.15%
Hated everything about it. 15 5.75%
Penguin Pyjamas are awesome! 12 4.60%
Voters: 261. You may not vote on this poll

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Question How do you feel about Tomb Raider ('13)'s Story?

Poll suggestion by BigR4444, devised by me

I've tried to cover most possible answers in light of the main plot and the optional journals that are scattered around the island.

I feel this poll lends itself to explanations, so it would nice if you could give reasons for your choice.

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''Loved everything about it, including the journals''

The main story was brilliant, so were the journals. The characters were also very well developed. The story was really the kind of story I like.
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I liked the story a little bit, it's not as good as the original TR's which somehow was more actiony even with everything that happens in this game. And seemed more hardcore even though this is rated M.

Maybe Crystal Dynamics aren't the right fit for making Tomb Raider games. They can't seem to overcome this bubble wrapped, sugar coated gameplay and superficial storylines. Like I said, it's better, but only better than the previous Crystal Dynamics games.

It's pretty mundane to have to search through the island for journals. That's not really realistic. I missed a lot of what was going on. But I think they also tried to hide a lot of details that way without really having to commit.
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Nice job with the options...
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"Disliked the main story only, the journals were okay"

I would have put disliked everything about it, because of how boring, obvious and cliche' it was, but the journals really did flesh out the story. The game tried to pass out "defining moments" and "action set pieces" rather than showing some character growth in ALL the characters. The only person really shaped by their experience on the island was Lara, and that was because it was forced. Very unnatural.

The Journals provide a hefty amount of back story, a lot of which could have been in cutscenes. The islands backstory is fine in this regard. Then, it's well done. But, to chain vital character information to them leaves holes in characters. Sure, Reyes is upset with Lara, and is hard on her, but why? That could have been delivered in a cutscene and given Reyes an opportunity to actually develop. Nope. She remained static the entire time and her motives for her behavior were guarded behind a wall of text with an audio clip playing in the background.

This is for other character's as well. The game feels sort of empty and hallow at times, focusing way too much on the action. If they were throwaways (like Sarah) it'd be OK, but the main cast are there quite often and might as well have all died.
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I chose the first option
I don't support a woke Lara ala Project Heartbreaker
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Linoshi Croft
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I'm really finding it hard to squeeze my opinion into one these..

I don't hate the main plot, and I certainly don't love it. It got the job done though half of it was predictable and cliche. Yet, moments along the way were very good and scripted well. The journals were a nice edition, I think it was a nice balance between isolating the player and allowing them to know more about the island. Without them you'd have to be forced to have much more interaction and cutscenes with characters and such to learn it all. Plus, it fleshed out the pretty shallow characters somewhat.
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Liked it, the journals help flesh it out

It was an good story but as many already said, it was predictable and that ending was rather abrupt. The journals however were genius. I don't get how people could complain about them. The fans were always saying how CD couldn't get the isolation feel and they did it here. Its just so much better to explore for documents in a unknown area than to watch a cutscene. But there is always someone who think this was lazy
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^ well the weird part about it was you'd be in the middle of battle and then all of a sudden you're reading a diary :/
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Liked it, the journals help flesh it out

I don't agree with all the things, the story was a bit cliché here and there, but overall it was great, and I loved the journals a lot.
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