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Default Tomb Raider: Forgotten Remnants

Well... I really wanted to wait with making this thread until I get to the 90% of level making, but I feel like I'll never make it unless I actually show it to the community.

Generally, I started it in 2011 or 2010 with a simple idea of making a "Tomb of Ancient" alike level and learn a bit about using TRNG. The main scheme stayed to this day, but the level itself had been restarted at least two times with many variations and different ideas inbetween. Fortunately, I won't be restarting it anymore, so far I'm quite pleased with it's look.

The way of building it was just as simple as the original idea. As the final idea was to put the level's action inside a monastery, I found floor plans of some and tried to recreate it's arrangement inside the editor. Wasn't really thinking about gameplay then, though now while building I do have a slight idea of what could happen in what places. For now I'm planning to give it a typical adventure genre gameplay. You know, walking around, opening doors and finding items. Though there will be a bit of simple platforming and fighting. It surely won't be a "hardcore" level or overly long one, but more of a casual thing. If everything turns out well, there'll be a bit of documents with some story too.

So, here are the screenshots. What do you think? If you have any ideas of how to improve something, feel free to tell!


The level is released!
NEW, updated version!

Credits: teme9, Horus-Goddess, Piega, BARRY, Sorata, Level NextGen, Miramar, Devoid, Tomb Laraider, trix, uranos, Trinity, Lara's Boyfriend, tomb2player, PeeT, I.M., usuki_frenzist, maixhunk, mike quahe, karlo002, white tiger, mr xy, human, MissKroft, Trangel, Po Yu, uranos1, Horus, Josep Borruts, maax_87, Harrys, kurtisandlara, Dino, Symsi, Dino14, Spongebob, A_De, Zolee, Tomb Laraider, GeckoKid, -=DeMoS=-, l.m.

Testers: Cannibal, Ceamonks890, DVDSpike & krtomb

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Thumbs up

Very good work Caesum. I especially like lights effects and their colours. I love Levels set in Churces or Monasteries, they look very intriguing and you can set a very good storyline.

Keep up, 'cause it looks very promising.
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That horizon is so soft and gorgeous. This is what test rooms are for TBH, you've clearly found the atmosphere of this world. Every shot is so perfect! D:

I love the look with AOD Lara and the environment, and I love exploring these types of locations. And that menu is awesome, Werner's Notebook!

This screen is undeniably my favorite:

I think it would look even more amazing with glossy floors.

And lawd, that title is nice.
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Beautiful screenies there! You are very talented
Keep up the great work!
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Very beautiful screens, Caesum!
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Amazing! I'm in love!
The title screen is just... wow!
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Excellent screens so far. I like the AOD feel it all has.
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To ty taka cicha woda... Dla mnie bomba i zarąbiście, że się odważyłeś to pokazać. Wreszcie jakiś zbalansowany polski konstruktor

^To everyone else... I just told him I didn't expect such a magnificient work after he praised my Advent pictures I really love the awesome idea of creating this thread, because we have another Polish builder who manages to efficiently do classic atmosphere with a slight NG touch yet without overdoing it (or producing a mad mosaic like I tend to). A rare and desired skill of balance. Go on with that, this should be good.

I totally agree with this screenshot being the best:

I can't say a negative word about the lighting in here, however the outside parts lack a bit of realism in this field, because the bulbs look like if the windows were lit from outside instead of inside.

A church! Nice. Never enough of those, especially because the Polish ones are usually filled with lots of religious "stuff" usable for gameplay - we Poles tend to split hairs, so apart from usual confessionals and Stations of the Cross, we have famous paintings, offering boxes, tables to keep catholic brochures for sale on, and - most of all - high tomb density (national VIPs were often buried in cathedrals like this). So my point is the cathedral feels a bit empty for now... but as soon as it changes, we should see a real marvel. And thank God it's a gothic building. If it was baroque, it would take twice longer to build
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Very good screens!

I like the atmosphere: the warm lighting.
That sky looks ominous, which is a good thing imo.
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Yes yes yes, we're liking that
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