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Default TRNG – Font types for WindowsFont

Made using TRNG (final version)

You need to use WindowsFont Script commands if you want to set the font types for example for Lara’s diary or the TRNG savegame panel.
As the name says WindowsFont command refers to a font type of the actual Windows. So if you adjust a font of your Windows in WindowsFont, but if the player who plays your game doesn’t have that font in his/her computer then he/she will not see (exactly) what you want to print.
That is why it is recommended using only the fonts in WindowsFont commands which fonts are common for everybody’s computers. (Or there must be a way to install your font on our computers…)

Naturally it is not easy to tell what the common fonts are. But I created a list, comparing the font types of four computers of three persons (Titak, Isis and me) to each other.
This is the solution, these are the common fonts:

Book Antiqua
Bookman Old Style
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Franklin Gothic Medium
Century Gothic
Lucida Console
Lucida Sans Unicode
Microsoft Sans Serif (not MS Sans Serif!)
Monotype Corsiva
Palatino Linotype
Symbol (Greek characters!)
Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS

The list doesn’t contain:
- The fonts that failed in the tests. (Because I tested all of the common fonts in the game.)
- The fonts that support special symbols, not alphabets. (Eg. Webdings.)
- The non-TrueType or non-OpenType fonts. (Because it seems WindowsFont supports only TrueType or OpenType fonts.)

Naturally the list can be changed, so please send a post in this thread if you like playing custom TRNG games but if you don’t have some of these fonts in your computer.
So, Moderator, please, do not close this thread.
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