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Default TRNG - Tomb Raider Chronicles Bird Switch - Starter Set Up and Tutorial

more pictures will be added later.

Here's an extremely rough around the edges tutorial regarding the bird switch from Tomb Raider Chronicles (Rome), per request of Titak. In this tutorial, I will explain how to get the bird switch up and running. Hopefully, it will be a decent replacement for the Turn Switch (since it requires less parts, and space).

Like all functional objects imported from other games, it will not be perfect. This object is meant to be a stepping stone and a reference. Hopefully, someone will come along and do better, but this is what has been produce thus far.

Important things of note:

1. This object requires the NGLE/TRNG.

2. In it's current state, it only turns objects on and off upon turning the switch.

3. I HIGHLY recommend using NGLE features for special effects.

4. It has the potential to be a very versatile object and can create some interesting puzzles, but turning certain meshes on and off.

Set up, technical things, etc.

You'll need a few things:
NGLE/TRNG (though, there are means to work around it)
The Streets of Rome wad from Tomb Raider Chronicles, or the useful objects.
Strpix (depending on method)

Download for WAD here: Click Here
Download for only the objects here: Click Here

1. The Original Bird Switch could be rotated from ANY angle. The only switch, as far as I know, that can be rotated from any angle is the PULLEY. The ADVANTAGE, over the tr5 object is Lara can keep turning the switch, if you want her to. Lara could not in TR5.

The object should be placed in the PULLEY slot, directly from the original TRC wad (or the wad provided).

2. The switch has 2 animation. Idle and Being Used. In WADMerger's animation editor, replace the Idle animation with the Being Used animation, so you have 2 Being Used animations. Delete all of the frames from the being used animation.

(warning - if you chose to replace the objects with something other than birds, it will be off center and awkwardly rotated. Under animations, select No Animation. Select the cross in the top left corner, and move the desired mesh to where you'd like it to be (to move the the center of the column, a simple -0.01 of Y/green. For the animation, select Animation 0, and highlight the mesh you wish to rotate (we'll be hiding one later), and rotate it 10 degrees.)

3. The first animation used to interact with the PULLEY is animation 339. Currently, I'm unsure if editing the animation and using animation will 340 and 341 will enable it to work with a particular amount of turns. I've not tested it that far.

4. Plop the objects in your wad and save.

5. When in the editor, set up is slightly different from that of a normal PULLEY object. You'll be incapable of altering the OCB at this present time. So, no 3 turns to open a door. It works like other switches:

Turn one: Active.
Turn two: In active.

Place the switch and trigger set up as you normally would. If at any point someone enabled the switch to require a certain amount of turns, just use the switch as you would a normal PULLEY.

(One simple way around this is to activate a flipmap in the room of the switch. When the flip map is off, the switch only actives a flipmap. In the flipped room (flipmap on), the switches will function normally as well turn the flip room off, so turning the switch twice enable a switch. I have not tested this method extensively, but it should work.)

6. Underneath the switch should be one special trigger: Something to rotate the switch immediately, clockwise. This is the ONLY thing required of the NGLE, otherwise it will keep facing the same way.

For those of you who do NOT have the NGLE and chose to opt out of using it, or you simply cannot (Mac users), you can force the switch to turn and face in the direction you've turned it in WADmerger by using the last frame of the turning animation and putting in Animation 1 (no 0). Force Animation 0 to go to Animation 1. BE WARNED - this is only for a one shot method, so Lara will only be able turn the switch once! She can keep turning, but the entire look of the object will be ruined and the switch will not work properly.

7. One last thing: hide one of the bird meshes. In NGLE, it's as simple as enabling triggering one of the meshes to hide away, and reappear later (any other special effect you chose to enable are up to you!

Without the NGLE/TRNG, you can just paint the object magenta. For switching out the birds, you'd have to be a little creative, but it's more than doable.

Thanks for reading this long wall of text. I hope you enjoyed - happy bird turning!
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