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Default TRNG - Weapons - Starting a level with another weapon "activated".

TRNG - Weapons - Starting a level with another weapon "activated".

Information made by AkyV

Lara starts a level with her default weapons, dual pistols, holstered and ready for use.
What if you'd want to have anotehr weapon as the default weapon?
Well, this is how to do it.

Let's say you want Lara to start with uzi's only.
Put a One Shot F118 (in "single" mode) underneath the LARA object to activate this TriggerGroup when the level starts:

TriggerGroup= 1, $2000, 96, $1, $2000, 48, $5E, $2000, 50, $785F, >
$2000, 232, $352, $2000, 245, $752, $2000, 100, $E10

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 96
; Exporting: TRIGGER(1:0) for FLIPEFFECT(96)
; <#> : Lara. (Weapons) Disarm Lara in <&>way
; <&> : Remove only weapons
; (E) :
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 96, $1

This is optional, use it if you want to remove the pistols+ammo as well, when the game starts. (You don't need "remove weapon+ammo" value, because if you remove the pistols, then the ammo will always be removed.)
If it is a level where you have default weapon+pistols+other weapon, then perhaps you should choose "remove weapon+ammo", if you also want to remove the ammo of "other weapons".

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 48
; Exporting: TRIGGER(94:0) for FLIPEFFECT(48)
; <#> : Inventory-Item. Increase (+1) in (E)way the number of <&>inventory-item in inventory
; <&> : UZI_ITEM Slot=351
; (E) : Hidden way (change number of items with no visible effect)
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 48, $5E

It is clear: an Uzi will be placed in the inventory.

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 50
; Exporting: TRIGGER(30815:0) for FLIPEFFECT(50)
; <#> : Inventory-Item. Set (E) number of <&>inventory-item
; <&> : UZI_AMMO_ITEM Slot=352
; (E) : 120
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 50, $785F

The Uzi is always empty without this trigger, so you need to give some ammo as well. 120 is random, feel free to choose another value.

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 232
; Exporting: TRIGGER(850:0) for FLIPEFFECT(232)
; <#> : Variables. Numeric. Set <&>Variable with (E)value
; <&> : Local Short Beta1
; (E) : Value 3
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 232, $352

The variable is random. (I recommend some "byte" variable if you want to use other variables as well in your game.) The possible values are:

1: pistols
2: revolver
3: Uzis
4: shotgun
5: grenade gun
6: crossbow

This value will be used in the next trigger.

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 245
; Exporting: TRIGGER(1874:0) for FLIPEFFECT(245)
; <#> : Variables. Memory. Copy from <&>Numeric Variable to (E)Savegame Memory
; <&> : Local Short Beta1
; (E) : Lara. Current Weapon (not necessarly in the hand) (Short)
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 245, $752

The variable is the same now as in the previous trigger.
This trigger forces SPACE bar to extract the weapon (instead of pistols) with the code number I mentioned at the previous trigger, when the level starts.

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 100
; Exporting: TRIGGER(3600:0) for FLIPEFFECT(100)
; <#> : Lara. (Mesh) Set single <&>Lara mesh with mesh got from (E)slot
; <&> : Objects in the Holsters
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 100, $E10

This trigger swap "pistols in holsters" mesh for "Uzis in holsters" mesh, when the level starts.
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