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Default UV Mapping - How to texture objects under Metasequoia

Tiny tutorial on How to texture objects under Metasequoia using UV Mapping

Here is the object I want to edit (as Plant2) It looks like a naked dancing woman it was the tree I made for my level Utopia

There is a fast creation of the trunk: HERE Please keep in mind this is an example for a tutorial, if you use it in your level don't forget to credit me

Import textures:
As you are in meta using the meta2TR process, you have to include in the level the textures you need. So the texture in the pack (well nearly because transparency is used with Magento and not with the Alpha layer). You can add them in the Tga file or with Wadmerger and Stripx applying some textures on object without texturing it entirely...

There's one thing you don't have to forget with the Tga file. Applied all the texture in one "fake" room as 256*256 size and if you want some 128*128 to have already sized texture, then even smaller (but all the 256*256 textures aren't compulsory because meta2TR need to know which textures to extract).

Then the level converted into a TR4 file you can past it in meta2TR.

Texturing object using "Projection":
I've nearly forget, of course you have created some rooms, added few objects (it depends if you use meta2TR as a finishing prog or as a entire editor).

So open you're wished object, mine is plant 2 and I have this:

To texture the trunk you need to select a "Material" which is in the Material Panel:

Click on the image to get the original size

Then select the part of the object you want to texture, and in Selected "Set Material to faces". The render may look bad!
Automatically the textures are applied with UV projection because when you move the object the texture move with it (other projections do not as I know)

You need to set and correct it with the UV button (at left). Something like that will appear:

Click on the image to get the original size

I will use here the project button to project the texture on the object. Try to fit the object with the texture then click on Project. Unselect Object to hide it and correct green line to make them fit with the texture. To do so, you need to click on the move button (on the little panel) then (take care the all the green line are unselected, to do just back to "Select" object in the big left panel and unselect all) move vertices as if it was a mesh.

Finally you have a nice effect!

This is a great method to texture an object because you create a lot of small textures and there a limited number of textures for the level, as there a limited number of vertices for meshes.

Texturing Object using a "TRLE method" alike:
If you want to apply texture as in Strpix or TRLE the best method I know *some tips from others?* is to set the Grid and Snap textures it. It means that green line would magnet to the grid. You have to know that the Grid can be set in Config (in the little panel of UV).

8 means you divide by 8 the grid, making 8*8 tiles but being proportional. You will have 256/8 = 32(*32 sized tiles). Thanks to that process you keep the same textures as in TRLE

The copy/paste buttons are really useful too, since you have to take care about the number of vertices... Finally for my human tree I just have 2 textures being applied on all faces.

Now try to create the leaves, make a flat mesh, divided into 2 and make it looks like this:

Double-faced it, select all faces and set the wished material on it. Go under UVmap and thanks to the grid and snap option, fit texture as it should. (Remember that magenta is the transparency color, don't try to apply an Alpha layer )

Then by copy/pasting the object (only the object) the new object should keep textures, you have your leaves

Now try to train you... I learn this only by trying option and so on and don't forget about limits!!!!!

About invisible Magenta color:
If you want to visualize transparency you can add an alpha layer to materials but alpha layer is only working for meta and won't work in TRLE. You simply need to add a special texture in black (invisible or the magenta color) and white (visible), like this "random" one :

If "transparency" doesn't appear it might be the Shader option you choose that won't render it. Try an other one... /!\ if you use Meta2Tr don't really try to change this setting it can get all your lighting wrong.
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