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Default Creating a link to the Setup window

Sometimes, in the levels you download, there's no shortcut for entering the Setup window of the game. And most of the time, there's a shortcut but it doesn't work, and people don't always get how to enter in the Setup window of the tomb4.exe file.
Here's the way... But also another way, for builders, so they can make a shortcut that should work on every computer.

I. For the players

The process is very simple:
  1. Go into the folder of the game you want to play.
  2. Right-click on the tomb4.exe file, and click on Create Shortcut. You can rename it so you know it will open the setup window.
  3. Right-click on the shortcut you've just created, and open the Properties window.
  4. In the Target field, there's a text already written. Go at the end, write a space, and write "-setup" (without the quotation marks).
  5. Apply the changes, close the window, and run the shortcut.

II. For the builders

The problem of shortcuts is that when you move the program it links to in another folder than the original, it doesn't work anymore. And this is what happen everytime someone downloads your game, because there are 99% chances that he puts the game in another folder than yours.

There's a way, though, that should work every time, because it doesn't lay on the use of shortcuts. It uses batch file (.bat).
  • What's a batch file?
    This is not related to batman in any way. It's a very old way to execute simple operations automatically on a computer. It's a kind of little program, and it's based on DOS commands.
  • Yeah, but I have a new computer and it doesn't run MS-DOS anymore, you know...
    Don't worry! These files are based on DOS commands but they're not DOS programs. It's actually very useful for many kinds of operations even on newer systems.
  • But how the **** it will help opening the Setup window?!
    Because it will do the job that the shortcut does but without the cons.
  • Why not using a shortcut?
    Because a shortcut needs a path. A batch file doens't. And the magic is here, because it's the path that is the problem with the shortcut.
  • I don't have a lot of time. Is it simple? And... stop with these stupid questions, go on with the procedure...
    VERY simple. Really. You just need the Notepad.

  1. First we have to create the batch file. Go in the folder of your game, right-click anywhere in the empty and create a new text file.
  2. Name it the way you want... but instead of keeping the .txt extention, replace it by .bat. Tadaa! You have created a batch file. Don't try to run it, you'll be scared by Windows saying that it can't run it...
  3. Right-click on it instead, and open it with the notepad.
  4. It's empty. Don't scream, there won't be any echo. Write down this:
  5. tomb4.exe -setup
    If you've renamed your tomb4.exe, of course you'll have to rename it here as well.
  6. Save it, you're finished.

And Windows will now be able to run it. Trust me, I'm on Windows 8.1 64 bits, it runs.
Once you've done this, you can copy this batch file wherever you have a tomb4.exe and it will run. Without recreating one, nor modifying it. Cool? And this is because it doens't need a path, it searches where it's placed.

III. For the lazy ones

Download this.
Place it in the folder of the game.
Run it.

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