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Default Ghana Reimagined

Hey guys!

It's me and it's ghana again!
This time it's not a 1:1 remake I wish to create of the old footages of tr:legend, but inspired of them and mixed with new ideas, places, etc.
Since I never released the project that I started years ago -cause of pc crash- I just plan to build this level not a set of levels.

The level is about 10% done so far.
I hope you looking forward to this adventure

Stamper trap

Waterwheel room

Lara close view

Older shots:

Comparison with my first attempt on ghana:

at early stage:


Lara's walking animation:

*Special thanks to TRANGEL for the beautiful outfit modification
And to Freakraider who will make me some recreation of béta-legend alike animations for Lara.

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So exciting, can't wait and best of luck!
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Enya Brennan
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Ghana is one of the best levels from TRL. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll reimagine it
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Looks amazing Zolee!
Could I love him?
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Alex Fly
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This is very impressive, Zolee ! Please don't stop this project !
Ask yourself WWLD: What would Lara do? :)
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I LOVE it - and such a great idea to just make one level at a time, much easier to finish. Can't wait to see more/play!
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Looks stunning and I even tricked some of my friends as if these were Legend Beta pictures

And I have an idea, we all know there used to be a rocket launcher in Legend Beta, and there's TR3 inspired rocket launcher in trsearch (grenade_launcher slot). Maybe you can use that and it will be better in my opinion
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Those screenshots look awesome! Best of luck!
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Great work, looks very true to the original. The objects blend in pretty well and you did a great job with the lighting. It's nice that you also allow yourself some creative freedom by reimagining the level, looking forward to see how the new ideas get implemented.
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Awesome screens, you did a great job so far.
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