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Default NGLE Help menu

by Paolone

Some help files (NGLE and revised help) will be automatically downloaded if you don't own them when you select the corrispective menu item.

When download is complete, you should decompress the zip file directly in TRLE folder and this operation will create the sub-folder HELP with all help files, ready to be opened by NGLE menu commands.

Other specific help file Help Menu contains also other informative documents or procedures.

Info About Project

With Info About Project you can see the full path of current texture file and wad object file.

You can invoke this command also using shortcut SHIFT F1

Keyboard Commands

It shows a text file with all keyboard commands specific of NGLE.

Object IDs for TREP

If you are a TREP users, you can find useful this comand.

Some trep effects require the index of moveables but to get this index is a bit problematic because the number you see in level map (in NGLE) is different than real index in tr4 file for that item.

Using this command you'll can see an object IDs conversion table to discover easily the real tr4 index for each object in the map.

For more infos see Object IDs Window

Check for Updates

Using this command you can visit official home page of Next Generation to check if there updating for NGLE or important announces about release of NG tomb4 engine.

About NGLE

Shows infos about current version of NGLE and author's infos.

Default Level Editor Help

It opens the standard help file in .pdf format you should have in folder "TRLE\MANUAL" with name MANUAL.PDF.


It shows help file about features of Next Generation tools.

Revised Level Editor Help

It shows a revised version of original level editor help. This version is in html format and for this reason is more easy update it.

More, revised help show many discoveries of all level editor comunity.

In revised help there is also the whole image collection of objects from all defaul wads of level editor and the last revelation.

See in below picture a screenshot of this huge archive.

AkyV is online now  
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