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Default TRNG – Adjust an upper limit for ammo/medipack/flare

Possibly you don’t want the player to stockpile too much amount of an ammo/medipack/flare item.

It is possible even with TRLE, using OCB128:

But this little tutorial shows you how you can adjust a particular upper limit with TRNG:
If the player picks up an item, so that the inventory will have too much amount of that item, then the game will modify the amount to the upper limit.

For example, you don’t want the player to have more than 500 Uzi bullets, so you adjust that limit. Lara has 480 Uzi bullets when she picks up an Uzi clip pair with 30 bullets. The result would be 510 bullets. But, thanks to the limit, it will be modified back to 500 bullets.
If Lara picks up another clip pair now, then nothing will happen, because she has exactly 500 bullets.

TriggerGroup= 1, $2000, 244, $X10, > ;copy the actual amount of X inventory item into Global Short Alfa1 (GSA1) variable
$8000, 16, $26 ; if GSA1>= value (Y) at PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS index#0
TriggerGroup= 2, $2000, 263, $110, > ; adjust value (Z) at PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS index#1 in GSA1
$2000, 245, $X10 ; force GSA1 value into the actual amount of X inventory item

X values are:

3A – small medipack
3B – big medipack
3C - flare
3D – pistol ammo
3E – Uzi ammo
3F – revolver ammo
40 – normal shotgun ammo
41 – wideshot shotgun ammo
42 – normal grenade
43 – super grenade
44 – flash grenade
45 – normal arrow
46 – poisoned arrow
47 – explosive arrow

Y value is the required limit, plus one. (So, for example, if the limit is 500 bullets, as I said above, then type 501 here.)

Z= Y minus 1. (I.e. exactly the required limit.)

With shotgun ammo, the ammo limit must be divided per six. So eg. type 180 if you want 30 shotgun ammo.

Made using TRNG
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