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Default TRNG - Lockpicks & Skeleton Keys | Same Square, Multi-Key Doors

*Pictures and editing will come later, I promise. I made it as easy to follow as possible.*

Have you ever come across a situation where you wanted Lara to have a door that could be opened with two different types of keys? One being the normal key, but you also wanted Lara to have an alternative to open the same door, such as a lockpick? This is similar to Resident Evil, where Chris has to use small keys to open a door, while Jill has a lockpick. Well, that's actually possible, and doesn't take very much work at all!

Step 1:
Open up WadMerger, and the .wad file you wish to edit.

Ideally, you want to have two keys in your inventory, but this setup will work with puzzle items as well, so it's very flexible. If you want a system similar to Resident Evil, you'll need:

PUZZLE_ITEM1: A puzzle item can function the same as a key with OCB 131, and several can be collected.

KEY_ITEM12: KEY_ITEM12 will never leave Lara's inventory, so it's great for lockpicking.

Also, add in the respective key & puzzle holes - make sure they're all the same object! If you need one quickly, you can copy the transparent key hole from the coastal.wad.

Of course, add in whatever you're triggering.


Step 2:
You'll also want to edit Lara's key animation, and add an extra animation slot. Don't worry, it's nothing difficult.

Go to animation 131. Go to the last frame and select "Frame > Copy" from the drop down menu above. Then, delete the last frame. Down toward the bottom of the screen, you'll see "Next Animation" - for our purposes, we'll use animation 445.

For any other puzzle animation, you can do the same thing: Delete the last frame, and change "Next animation" from 11 to 445.

Create a new animation (it should be 445). Copy the frame here. The animation must be one frame. Set the "Next Animation" of this animation to 11. For every puzzle animation you change, have it link to this animation. Save the wad, and close WadMerger.


Step 3:
A great feature about key and puzzle items is their ability to be used without a trigger. We'll use this to our advantage.

Place the items as you normally would except his time, add the extra key or puzzle hole item(s). Now, instead of using a KEY trigger, we're going to use a CONDITION trigger:

Lara (Animation) - Here, we test is Lara is playing animation #445.

Afterwards, add a TRIGGER for whatever it is you're trigger (usually, a DOOR). Then. place an ACTION trigger for each KEY_HOLE/PUZZLE_HOLE:

Enemy (Kill) - Have it just remove the key hole items on the square altogether. This way, Lara will never be asked yo use any of the key items that the door requires.


Now, you're all done! You can now have a key, and a lockpick (or any other combination) for the same door, on the same tile.
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