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Talking Create a Classic - 20 Years of TR Competition

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is more than a little disappointed at the lack of playable game content to celebrate 20 years of Tomb Raider. It started me thinking of an idea for a friendly ‘competition’ or project to celebrate 20 years of Tomb Raider!

Despite all the awesome HD levels being built, I’m very partial to nostalgic levels created using the original texture sets, and there aren’t that many good ones being created these days. I propose a ‘competition’ to create classic levels using the original textures and WADs. Anyone can join in, all you need to do is create a nostalgic level of at least 30 mins worth of gameplay utilising the original textures, and make it look as awesome as possible!

Voting Thread and download links can be found here:

  • Deadline for completion 22nd to 30th November
  • At least 30 mins of gameplay
  • Use original textures from Tomb Raiders 1-5.

Extra Rule clarifications
  • Join at any time, as long as your entry is completed by November!
  • A combination of any textures from the first five TR’s is allowed – e.g. Can use a mix of both TR1 and TR3 textures in one level.
  • New Transition textures may be created, as long as they are modified original game textures
  • Base your level on an original WAD or combination of original WADs from TR 1 to 5; however you ARE allowed to include some custom non-original or modified original objects if they are in-keeping with the classic feel of the level.
  • Animations from TR5 such as crawl-flip-out, swingpole and tightrope are allowed. (Builders may also include the faster shimmy/climb-up anims or a new standing pose anim if they wish)
  • Custom scripts are allowed if the results still feel inkeeping with the classic theme (Custom flares are allowed)
  • Fog/Distance Fog is allowed
  • TRNG and FLEP are permitted - just maintain a classic feel!
  • 128 bit resized versions of the orginal textures can be used if preferred
  • New custom outfits are allowed
  • Any sounds are permitted (original TR and new)
If there is enough interest, there will be a vote to decide the best level, and I may be able to arrange some kind of prize for the overall winner

Here is my own WIP level entry; hopefully it may inspire some others to try!

For more inspiration, here are a couple of (fairly recent) examples of awesome levels using classic textures:



tombraiderxii - Madhouse/Reunion
Zolee - Great Wall
Boobandie - Greece
OverRaider - London
AgentXP - Egypt
DJ Full - Catacombs
bigfoot - Catacombs
Tombraider95 - Tibet/Monastery/Catacomb
KurtisandLara - TR3....
aidanmalone - Home level
GeekOfComedy - Peru
Xopax - South Pacific/City/Atlantis
Kapu - TR2?
Raider99 - Nevada/Snowy
larafan25 - China
Sabatu - Catacomb in the Caves
Shakira Croft - Egypt
dcw123 - ?
klona - Ireland
bagas - ?
Revenge - Pacific
rufierto - Venice
SrDanielPonces - Egypt
MBog - ???
skylark1121 - Maria Doria/Underwater
scion05 - Zoo level
LOTRKingluis - Ireland
gayraider - Scotland
FreakRaider TR1/2 Snowy
LoreRaider - Egypt
Zreen001 - Various/TR3
TombGuardian - Antarctica TR3
egypt_gypsie - Egypt
Erikku - South Pacific/Orient
kaufi-lc - Tibet

Baratheon - Peru
benjamin_2010 - Egypt
Matie - Jungle?
TheTiger - South Pacific?
moodydog - ?
Ligufaca - ?
egypt_gypsie -Egypt/Underwater
TR-Freak - South Pacific?
laracroft1997 - ?

^ Please let me know if I've missed anyone!

Submissions Received:

Lore Raider
Shakira Croft


Anyone else? - please let me know

Prizes: THOR2010

UPDATE – Submission date Info!

The Submission Window for levels will be 22nd to 30th Novemberplease PM me a download link to a ZIP containing your completed and tested level files within that time window or before. Levels will then be released as a batch on early December.

(Please try and ensure you have tested your levels thoroughly before release – I will not be playing through all of them myself before sending the download links to! )


Each level will be an individual download, but in order to identify each level as part of this competition, I ask everyone to please download and use this special anniversary loading screen. If you have already made your own custom loading screen, that’s fine, but please can you ensure that it features the Tomb Raider 20th anniversary logo!!

DOWNLOAD FULL SIZE 'load' bmp file:
Please include the zip with you level folder as well as using the load screen so that each player can chose the size they need!

“Waiting is for the patient” (Croft, 2006).

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This level could also be used as inspiration but it is TR2 but I think some will get the idea.

This is actually a great idea, I'm glad the Level editing community is celebrating the 20th Anniversary, looking forward to seeing how people make their levels, I'm in a massive custom level mood, I might start a custom level marathon one day starting from "The Wall" and leading to the present
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Those screenshots in the opening post...

I'm not sure there are words...

for how nice those are. But those are very nice.

I am DOING SOMETHING. DOING SOMETHING. About A SOMETHING right now... that just so happens to line up so very nicely with this. So. Allow me to go do a little tiny bit of research.

I think. I will finish an entry for this friendly competition. Because it has come at such a brilliant time.

Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Let me check something...
be well...
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Thanks guys Glad there is interest - could a mod please update the title of the thread to: 'Create a Classic - 20 Years of TR Competition' ? Many thanks
“Waiting is for the patient” (Croft, 2006).
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Wow this is a great idea! I am definitely interested. Those screens look amazing too! I shall have to think of what to do
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I'm gonna say screw it, I'll join Why not!
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Interesting idea!
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No way! I was totally going to post a thread along these lines but with a much tighter challenge.

I wanted to do it because I felt even with the NGLE technology I've been using the high res graphics to make atmosphere and not really being efficient with my gameplay so I toy'ed around with this "It's 1999" idea that with the basics to make a good level and capture the magic the originals had.

I'm totally up for doing this.

In case your wondering my rules were:

- Any TGA from the classic games.

- Any WAD from a TR4/TRLE level.

- This WAD may not be customised in any way UNLESS it's missing objects that make it incomplete. So every WAD should be allowed to have 1 switch, 1 key, 1 lever, 1 pole rope, 1 kick door, At least 1 bad person, 1 bad creature etc etc. If the WAD is missing said object, you may add one in.

- Add any one gameplay feature from past games like zip line or pole rope or speedboat using NGLE but not gameplay feature that was only introduced with NGLE. It had to be a remake/variation of what the classic games were capable of.

- Only use outfits from TR1-5 / Use revise wad Lara object for all animations.

- Maybe let them change the horizon with any from TR2-5. That can be a tricky and restrictive one as TR4 is limited to only Egyptian skylines.

- 3-5 "plants" or architecture objects from any classic game WAD can be copied in addition to what's included in the original WAD.

- Free reign on Audio. Audio tech was pretty good in 1999. Can use MP3s etc.

EDIT: I did this actually a few weeks ago using AlexHub but I loved it so much I just ended up HD'izing it. I'll have to come up with something different so

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I like this idea a lot. Could you enter more than one level?
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Neat idea!! Perhaps I could repurpose my unfinished TR2 style 20^3 level...
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