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Default TRNG Plugin Request Thread - The List

This thread will list the suggestions/requests for plugins mentioned in the Plugin Requests discussion thread.


  • FLEP patch: Increased sfx sample file size
    • For allowing higher quality and longer sfx
  • FLEP patch: Increased sfx sample quality
    • FLEP offers a couple of different qualities, one being 44100 Hz
  • Footstep plugin
    • To finally make it play sounds properly. For now whenever Lara steps the engine plays general footstep sound + texture-specific one. The second one doesn't always play though, so you cannot just make general footstep sound silent. It would be great to make the engine play texture-specific sounds only, unless there's no sound attached to the texture.
  • Enable the "roomtype" feature that is still present in the editor.
    • Adding reverb/echo to a couple of specific types of rooms: "small room", "medium room", "large room", "pipe" and "outside"
    • Perhaps even being able to make custom room types with their own reverb/echo settings
  • Smooth SOUND volume change
    • because for the time being the sound abruptly stops playing when you're too far from the source, instead of smoothly disappearing.
  • Inner sound effect radius
    • At present, you can define an 'outer radius' for SFX, but you will hear that sound, unchanged, from the source all the way to the edge of that radius. What if I want to play an echoed SFX at a distance but a muted one at close range?.
  • Swap sound file in a sound slot.
  • Enhanced sound location detection.
  • Swap the Lara 's sound (for example in a level that has sections with Lara and other with Kurtis)
  • More audio channels (eg. for ambiance, music, voice, additional sound effects)
  • Define a loop point for looping audio: you would have a clean opening to an audio track but it loops from a certain point once it reaches the end. IE you want the track to loop from 10 seconds in until the end.

  • Mouse support:Turn chase camera 360
    • done so the camera can be moved with the mouse and maybe like a right click or normal click to reset.
  • Mouse support: being able to use the mouse to look around, 360 degree view, like in TRL)
  • Mouse support: so something like in PC games of early 2000s. With this feature you could rotate Lara using mouse, with Lara positioning herself according to the camera(Gothic, Harry Potter 1-3) and not the other way round(TRAOD). This would make Lara far more responsive while being still able to do the old platforming.
  • Mouse support in MENU, PAUSE & INVENTORY screens
  • Better Dual Analog support for GAMEPADS: For the time being it is very basic and unresponsive. I think it could be done the same way as the mouse support. Left analog stick would be for Lara's movement while right analog stick would help rotating camera(and Lara). Jade Empire is an amazing example of such controls.
  • Fixed START & SELECT buttons for GAMEPAD: as they don't bring PAUSE/INVENTORY menus. Actually rewriting control selection menu would be good too, since it doesn't have predefined gamepad scheme and it lacks option to bind key to inventory & pause menu.
  • Possibility to make 2.5D levels: right arrow to go right, left arrow to go left.
  • Store game config in tomb4 directory instead of windows registry.

  • TR1-3 alike water reflections
  • TR1 Atlantean Sprite Explosion Death.
  • TR1-TR2 sprite pickup and display.
  • TR1-TR2 environment sprite effects (Such as spitting lava, explosions, flare light, blood and ricochet)
  • TR2 Samurai Statues death effect (Turning back into jade and exploding)
  • TR2-TR3 flares with sounds working properly
    • adding sound when the flare is held in hand and when it is dropped and left behind
    • sound when holding the flare underwater and when it is dropped underwater. (TREP patch has flare sound for underwater)
    • getting rid of the green flash when a flare is dying: either get rid of it completely or being able to customize the colour so it fits the colour of the flare light.
      (FLEP already allows for removing the flash, so porting that patch would be great)
  • TR3 boss death (Colored explosion waves)
  • TR3 ripple effects when swimming to behave like they did in TR3, the way they kept expanding until they disappeared
  • TR5 Iris electric field
  • TR5 shiny catsuit
    • the possibility to apply shine to all of Lara's textures, including her joints.
  • Allow dynamic lighting for static objects to make them behave like ANIMATING or LARA objects.
  • Other flame colours
  • Fogbulbs with VolumetricFX disabled, both fog bulbs (colored) and distance fog (colored) at the same time.
  • FIX fog issues with alpha textures
  • A particle emitter
    • creating the underwater particles anywhere. (The overlapping room trick doesn't allow us to use special cameras in rooms with this trick.)
    • allowing one to create dust, explosion, ...
  • Reflective textures like in the PS1 versions of TR1/2
    • dynamic reflections or
    • like with the Lara_Double object which uses a different texture for the shine effect than other shiny objects. Perhaps possible to pick a shine sprite for a specific object through custom OCB's?
  • Assigning different types of explosions
    • small, medium, large, atomic, magical, etc
    • be able to apply different sounds to these explosions
  • Footprints like in the PS1 version of TR4
  • Footprints, decals, bloodpools
  • Shadows like in the Dreamcast version of TR4
  • Sprites for random coordinates
    • for example for raindrops on the camera lens
  • Sprites for variable-based coordinates
    • for example a hair-cross sprite, that shows the actual position (pivot) of an object, representing what Lara just aims at (only in manual mode?)
  • "Hand" icon for interactions (like in AOD)
  • Getting rid of random flame flashes on the screen
  • Custom animated sprites - Having the possibility to define a set of sprites that loop. Similar to the TR1 and TR1 Fire.
  • Blurred background. (Like Anniversary, for example.)
  • Change room ambience color, without flipmaps.
  • Switch on/off loop sound effects (icons), without flipmaps.
  • Customized fog colors, not preset, in-game. (Fog command can do that, flipeffect fog color triggers cannot.)
  • Maybe triggers to progressively change the color of the fog? Same for the fogbulbs?
  • The missing Weather. Fog. Change End Fog distance to <&>Distance in (E)seconds trigger. Triggers for setting the start and end distances using the value from a variable (why not for their progressive versions too, but if we have the "set" version we could fake the fade using Organizers already)
  • Force/remove "wet Lara" (dripping + perhaps something new with wet clothes, hair) effect.
  • Swap sprite in a sprite slot (i.e. eg. if a sprite looks in different ways in different levels).
  • The "rumbling floor" visual effect of the demigod with the hammer.
  • Customizable color for the "black nothing" (what you can see around the level, if there is no horizon) - not the black distance fog!
  • Water effects and the shadows of Open Lara.
  • Script to force Bump Mapping, bilinear filtering on/off.
  • Gravity
  • Disable earthquake effect off of squishy_block2.

  • Enemies from TR1-TR5, as in proper slots and working like they did in the original game:
    • TR1 Torso
    • TR1 Doppelganger/bacon Lara
    • TR1 Atlanteans with Fireball & Spike Shot
    • TR1-TR2 T-Rex
    • TR2 Dragon
    • TR2 flamethrower guys (current flamethrower guys can only throw horizontal flames)
    • TR2 knife throwing guys
    • TR2 Barkhang Monastery warrior monks
    • TR2 Floating Islands Samurai Statues (including the effect of turning back to jade before exploding)
    • TR2 Floating Islands flying "statues"
    • TR2 Talion guardian
    • TR3 Natla, Tony, Sophia
    • TR3 Puna boss
    • TR3 Willard spider
    • TR3 Antarctica mutants
    • TR3 monkeys (including being friendly untill shot at, picking up medipacks and dropping them somewhere else.)
    • TR4 little beetles: adding the ability to climb, like they can do in TR5
    • TR5 Roman statue
    • TR5 The guard with armor and laser guns from the VCI levels
    • TR5 bionic guard (the robot looking like a human, you shoot the skin off him before he dies)
    • TR5 guards who can climb (current versions in SAS or Baddy slot don't work exactly like in TR5 and/or are buggy)
  • Disable the tracking from Demigod/Harpy/Setha fireball attacks
  • Change or disable Demigod/Harpy/Setha fireball trails
  • Poison-spitting creatures
  • Platforming abilities for any enemy slot
    • Additionally in TR5, all Baddy slots have the climbing and jumping animations present (never used?), plus the same mesh trees as SAS and TROOP slots. This would the best animation base for most human enemies.
    • jumping attacks/animations for animals
  • extended AI behaviour for enemies and TROOPS slot
    • making them attack other enemies before attacking Lara
    • making them attack other enemies unless Lara shoots at them
    • make the troop to be able attack first whenever I wish with a trigger
  • LOCUSTS use AHMET_MIP for the actual locust mesh. This is not very convenient, so the ability to reassign it to a different object.
  • LITTLE_BEETLE could have a dispersal timer like the rats and beetles in TRC do
    • a value of 0 in the OCB keeps them on the map permanently whole each
    • +1 in the OCB should set the number of seconds until they disperse.
  • TR3 butler Winston
  • An evil Lara that follows Lara copying all her moves, something like Dark Rayman or Double Mario
  • Patrolling enemies (AI_PATROL1, AI_PATROL2) go harmless.
    Moreover, if the patrol brakes (because Lara is too close), then they start walking around the spot of the latest AI_PATROL2, avoiding Lara, it is so easy to kill them.
    Can all of these be fixed?
  • OCB numbers for the route identification to draw more than one AI_AMBUSH or AI_PATROL routes easily in the same rooms, sites.
  • Enhanced AssignSlot command. The actual one is not the best solution if you'd like to duplicate enemy slots, with different animations. Plus, for example, I had swinging box sandbag but I couldn't add both to CHAIN slot because even though the animations are similar, they're not the same.
  • Enhanced Enemy command. So when you choose "Hard" an enemy gets more HP and does more damage.
  • Disable SETHA stagger for revolver and shotgun hits.
  • Fix this bug: the bolt of SETHA that burns Lara works only the first time, and if you save and reload the game when she's burning, the fire goes out and Lara becomes immune to that attack.
  • Disappearing/non-disappearing enemies after the death: make it choosable for slots.
  • An OCB code for the Ahmet for making it dying like the other enemies.
  • Enemy target range customization to detect Lara/their own enemies.
  • Horse: turn on contact with statics, instead of stopping and getting stuck.
  • Mortal reactions by skeletons, for many damage sources, including crossbow arrows.
  • Make possibility of baddy and baddy_2 enemies not to follow uzi clips and small medipacks.
  • Create a condition to check that particular enemy does damage to lara.
  • Make a possibility to make any enemy poisonous
  • Some requests about Seth:

    -changing the flame color or removing the flame of the bubbles;
    -adding the possibility to change the mesh that generates bubbles;

  • TREP/FLEP features as TRNG plugins
    • minus the patches that are already fully working in TRNG, like the "clear background" patch?
    • patches related to Lara's moves which work better in FLEP than they do with TRNG scripting so far, like rolling out of a crawlspace
  • Ring menu
    • preferably keeping the quick save from TR4-TR5 intact
  • TR3 World Map which you can rotate and pick the next location from
  • Diagonal walls with the ability to shimmy/climb them
  • Fixing the bug where the game crashes when not placing a trapdoor in a portal between rooms.
  • First person mode
  • Ragdoll deaths
  • Keyboard input for custom keys, out of gametime (when menus are open)
  • Limited backpack
    • AkyV's tutorial on the limited backpack is a very complicated workaround.
  • AOD type auto-grab (as option)
  • Customizable flare amount per flare box
  • TR3 Health crystals
    • or other ways of regenerating Lara's health other than with the default medipacks.
  • Grapple
    • An idea could be a special object and if lara is jumping and presses a button like space, and she's in proximity the rope sprite renders from special object to Lara's waist and she performs her regular rope swing animations.
  • Slowmotion effect
    • For things like Quick Time events
  • Checkpoints
    • TR LAU/2013 style
    • TR1-TR3 savecrystals. (current workaround with scripts is rather complicated for such a fairly simply feature)
  • Enable skin_joints for enemies and other moveables.
  • More than one flipmap for a room.
  • Increased amount of flyby sequences.
  • increased amount of working ropes per level
  • A nice map (expanded-when-explored), perhaps with some beacon system.
  • A Reboot camp menu, maybe?
  • Menu position customizer. (String tabulation signs are not enough. Eg. "Load Game" text is in different menus, so it can be different positions.)
  • Fix everything with the static background in title:
    - because what you do for this with the flyby camera system (if the background is not an image, but a room) that is only a workaround,
    - because if it is a background image, then it works only with DefaultWindowsFont (for the main menu). Font.pc or FONT_GRAPHICS also should be included. The meaningless flyby sequence+rooms also should be removed from behind the image.
  • Reset F30 triggers without using a ResetHUB.
  • Slowing down the speed of flyby cameras. 1 most of the time is still too fast. Something like speed=0.5 or 0.25would.
  • Jump between two separated parts of a flyby sequence, eg. 5.5 > 5.12 > 5.9 > 6.8 > 6.2 > 12.8.
  • Expanding savegame slots in the classic savegame layout.
  • LEDGE, LEDGE_SLOPE objects. it will behave like ledges where you can shimmy but you can't climb up. Something like the PANEL objects.
  • Change FOV at least statically, or even dynamically (instantly and slowly). People were able to change it for widescreen patches for older games.
  • Make Lara's torso turn in the direction were swimming. For example if we swim forward, nothing changes, but if we swim to the left, then rotate her torso to the left.
  • Proper functional TR5 slots for cabinet, shelf and other searchables
  • Some improvements for Lara's hair:
    • Disable rotating hair meshes (useful for loose hair and young Lara);
    • A way to make a Lara with more than two braids;
    • A way to make a young Lara with two different braids;
    • A way to make Lara with different braids;
    • Move braids (useful for a Lara with a single lateral braid);
    • A way to freeze/unfreeze hair meshes, instantly or gradually (useful for turning gold Lara);
    • A way to apply a gradual meshswap to Lara's hair meshes (useful for turning gold Lara);
    • A way to make hair attached to another mesh;
    • Hair gravity modifier.
  • Allow objects/meshes to fade away gradually.
  • being able to make an horizonal gradient in TRNG on bars, like the TR2-5 PSX loading bar,
  • to stop the game from picking the right PUZZLE/KEY_ITEM when you click Ctrl next to PUZZLE/KEY_SLOT. So it could just open inventory instead.
  • The possibility to change Lara's outfit with a completely different one (For now the mesh swapping works only if the vertices next to the joints have the same ID.)
  • Swap the Lara 's animations (for example in a level that has sections with Lara and other with Kurtis)
  • to change what meshes Lara touches on a slot when the slot is attack to do damage to her
  • Unstretch the text in menus and inventory when in widescreen
  • adding some rolling animations when you press the ROLL key repeatedly (something like Anniversary)
  • preventing Lara's hair to rotate
  • Lara with two different braids or with more than two of them (for example, creating a Lara with three braids, or with a braid and a ponytai, or a Lara with two braids with different hair ties)
  • The newer Windows 10 updates now allows a computers complete locale to be changed to worldwide utf8 (beta) instead of selecting individual language for non unicode programs.
  • AOD ladders
  • corner condition fix
  • locust emitter customization
    • in such a way that it works like the fish emitter, with OCB codes to change appearance, number, and behaviour.
    • Imagine a swarm of starlings or doves, an actual murder of crows, or a cloud of monarch butterflies.
  • recreate the old style secret collection statistics system, where it tells how many secrets are in each level and at the end how many the player found in total (example: lvl1: 4/6 secrets found, lvl2: 2/3 secrets found, the end statistics 6/9 sercets found)
  • recreate old style medipack used statistics, where it tells exactly how many medipacks the player used (in TR4 it counts +1 each time regardless of using small or big medipacks while in TR3 it counts +0.5 for small and +1 for big medipack)

  • More possibilities for pushables, for example:
    • with rotating wheels,
    • explosive,
    • regenerating,
    • animated,
    • with sloped tops,
    • with bars/poles, etc
    • bigger or smaller rollingballs
    • multiple balls at once like in TR2 Tibetan Foothills
    • rolling barrels like in TR2
    • TRL style pushable balls
      • Lara performs the TRL style animation of rolling a ball forwards or backwards and the ball is actually rolling.
      • (Perhaps in a new custom slot like PUSHABLE_BALL1)
  • Tr1-TR3 old-school "heavy" pushables together with TR4-TR5 style pushables within one level.
    • You can choose the slot of the TR1-3 anims, and the pushables that require them, all via script, for example:
      445 and 446 are the slots of pushing and pulling anims of Lara.
      In a similar way, by having even more pushing and pulling animations, you could have pushables ranging from very light (Lara walks around with them without much effort) to very heavy (Lara moves them very slowly and with a lot of effort).
  • Weapons to be used as tools for solving puzzles:
    • switches to toggle when shot
    • more arrow types for crossbow (firing ropes into monkeys swing slots, arrows to extinguish or start flames, or arrows that can freeze common targets)
  • TR1-3 collapsible platforms that crumble when the player steps on them but don't shatter when they hit the ground
  • smaller rollingballs that don't hurt Lara and which can be kicked or pushed, and which can be placed as weights on pressurepads.
  • Randomiser for alternative pickup animation, Pick animation slot for it and make it so that on random chance Lara will use TR4 pick up and sometimes the original from previous games

  • TR2 rolling disks
  • making a big rolling ball, that works like TR4-5 rolling balls (not TR1-3 ones), and in another slot, so that it can be used together with a regular rolling ball
  • TR3 - fixing/altering the cleaner robot
    • making it go as fast as it is in TR3
    • making it freeze when it hits Lara
    • particles on the ends of the wires (electrical effect)
    • assigning sounds to it
  • TR3 subway train (Aldwych level)
  • TR3 electric fences and railway, including the electric effect on Lara
  • Crumbling floortiles
    • TR1-TR3 style crumbling floortiles
      The difference between the TR1-TR3 and the TR4 versions is that the debris stays visible on the floor after the tile pieces have fallen to the floor
    • TR5 style
      These tiles (The Collosseum level) simply crack before falling to the ground, unlike the TR4 ones which tremble a bit before falling.
  • Old TRLE Rollingball bug: on horizontal routes, the ball only pushes Lara, doesn't smash her.
  • Lava
    • to make lava a thick liquid, whichs already burns Lara the moment she touches it. In the classic games Lava was either a solid surface or a watery see-through liquid.

  • TR2 snowmobile (preferably with TR3 style controls: ctrl=forward, alt=backward, space=fire)
  • TR3 Minecart
  • TR3 Underwater Propulsion Unit
  • TR3 Quadbike (current quadbikes are based on the motorcycle and require additional scripting to get close to the original.)
  • Spaceship vehicle
  • submarine
  • helicopter
  • airplane
  • Getting rid of the hardcoded audio for the jeep and the boats
  • fully working horse
    • He doesn't explode when he touches deep water or when he falls from an high place, he simply dies;
    • it can walk through 1 and 2-click deep water;
    • Maybe with ctrl Lara can attack with a sword or fire guns, drawable with spacebar.
    • Plays idle animation while not in use
    • Lara can mount from either side, above, or from behind, with separate animations triggered.
    • Able to turn on the spot.
    • Look mode still active.
    • Three different speeds. Walk (Holding shift), Canter (Up arrow), Gallop (Holding Sprint).
    • Different length jumps when pressing Alt in canter and gallop.
    • A fall-too-far where Lara separates from the horse and returns to normal falling animation.
    • A 180 turn with roll key/up+down.
    • Standard dismount when idle or walking.
    • A leaping dismount for canter/gallop.
    • A flag to choose if weapons are active or disabled.
    • Rear up when grenades explode nearby and when you canter/gallop into a wall.


  • All weapons from TR1-TR5, preferably in their own new slots in the wad:
    • TR1 dual magnums
    • TR2 automatic pistols
    • TR2 M16
    • TR3 MP5
    • TR3 rocket launcher
    • TR3 "Crash Site" rocket launcher from the crashed airplane
      • and variations of this, like the turret in TRL Ghana.
    • TR5 HK Rifle
    • TR5 Grapple (rope) gun
  • Custom Dual Gun, Single Gun and Two Handed Gun slots.
  • the possibility to have both crossbow AND harpoongun in one level
  • the possibility to have both Revolver AND Desert Eagle in one level (each with their own distinct features, like revolver not throwing out shells for example)
  • TREP patch: weapon flags
  • Dual aiming
  • Visible projectiles from weapons
    • for instance you want to create laser weapons
    • this could apply to enemy guns as well.
  • Disable the required ammo type for shotgun, grenade gun, crossbow? (Something like that is possible if the crossbow has a harpoon gun customization.)
  • Being able to add more ammo types to weapons, perhaps even to pistols, revolver, Uzi?
  • Being able to reassign the available weapon slots to the following types:
    • light (in holsters), such as pistols, uzis and revolver
    • heavy (on back), such as shotgun, crossbow or grenade gun
    • melee? as in not needing any ammo, limited range, etc.
      • with the ability to customise extracting/firing/holstering animations, to mount a lasersight or not, set the types of available ammo (one, two or three, perhaps more), customise firing rate, damages for each type of ammo, additional effects such as explosions or poisoning, etc.
        And there would be a few blank weapon slots available for full customization, according to the builder's needs.
  • The ability to make the lasersight mountable to weapons other than revolver or crossbow, for example, a sniper rifle, or the HK5 gun from TR5
  • enable a silencer for certain guns, for example the sixshooter slot.
    • silencer can be attached and removed,
    • changing the sound of the gun when the silencer is attached
    • perhaps even change the damage of the gun when the silencer is attached
  • flamethrower weapon for Lara
  • particles for bullets, like in the helicopter of VCI
  • reload weapons (like grenade gun already has it), with an additional animation
  • disable quickfiring (when manual targeting, you can easily kill bosses this way)
  • TRU as example, but pistols shooting underwater

  • Stealth system which is kinda like that of the classic Thief games.
  • melee/hand-to-hand combat with more possibilities
    • perform combos on enemies for extra damage
    • Melee weapons with more than one attack (stand attack, jump attack, run attack, walk attack), and with combos

Updated to HERE.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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Here's the list of plugins that are being developed
please let us know what you are working, something from the list, so other people can pick something else or so people can start working together if needed/wanted, sharing info and such.
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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Here's the list of finished and working plugins that were once listed above.

Download links to released plugins: TRNG User Development Archives

  • TR1-TR3 style rollingballs
    • Developed by AODfan
    • RELEASED on 24 November 2017

  • Conditions that can check the distance between two moveables/statics (instead of just being able to check Lara's distance to an object)
    • Developed by AkyV
    • RELEASED on 05 March 2020 (Plugin_AkyVMix03)
If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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