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Default TRNG - Motorbike/jeep speedcounter and Drive/Reverse sprites

The speedcounter sprite of the motorbike and the Drive/Reverse sprite of the jeep probably look ugly by default.

As for the Drive/Reverse sprite, you can probably see D and R letters overlapped. The reason is there is more than one jeep placed in the level.

As for the speedcounter sprite, you can probably see it only for some moments, blinking, when Lara is getting off the bike.
The reason is the fog color. You need a Fog command in the Script or activate a flipeffect for the distance fog/fogbulb color. That (not black!) color fixes the bug, the speedcounter will be perfectly seeable if Lara is on the bike (or in the jeep*, working well!), with the same color like the fog. (Some parts will be white temporarily sometimes.)

Another issue is you can see the sprites continuously, even if Lara is on foot. This is when you have a jeep in the level. You can try this workaround:

GlobalTrigger= 6, IGNORE, GT_CONDITION_GROUP, IGNORE, 14, 15, 16
ColorRGB= 2, 70, 101, 192
TriggerGroup= 14, $8000, 10, $23 ; if driving jeep
TriggerGroup= 15, $2000, 292, $20, > ; Slot Memory Zone subject: jeep
$2000, 291, $270, > ;convert ColorRGB2 to Local Long Alfa
$2000, 294, $F70 ;copy Local Long Alfa to "Draw Extra" field
TriggerGroup= 16, $2000, 292, $20, > ; Slot Memory Zone subject: jeep
$2000, 232, $70, > ; set 0 in Local Long Alfa
$2000, 294, $F70 ;copy Local Long Alfa to "Draw Extra" field

"Draw Extra" = 0 : the sprites are not seen
"Draw Extra" = 4613568 : the sprites are seen

We don't really need a ColorRGB, we only used a trick.
I mean, 4613568 is too big even for a PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS (the limit is 65535).

4613568= $4665C0 => $46/$65/$C0 = 70/101/192

*: with a motorbike in the WAD.

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