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Lightbulb Dxtre3D - How to fix the underwater bubbles bug in TR2

Hello, in this thread i will explain how to fix the bug that can appear in TR2 maps created with Dxtre3D, in which the bubbles emitted by Lara when underwater show as blood. I don't know if this will be even used anymore, but i want to share that knowledge.
To fix it you will need to open your base level (.tr2) using TRViewer. You can get it on https://www.aspidetr.com/en/tools/

So, first thing is explaining why it happens.

It's because there are missing sprites, the bubbles sprite is actually an animation which contains 3 sprites, and when it has less than 3, instead of the bubble the next sprite on the list is used, which happens to be the blood splatter:

When the bubbles are bugged, it will be shown as 1 sprite on object details. To see that you need to click the wrench icon on the top of TRViewer:

And now the fix.
You need to open an original .tr2 that has this sprite, such as Venice.tr2 for example, and select the bubbles, right click and select "export as .trspr".
Then go to your base file again, select your bubbles sprite, right click then overwrite it selecting "import from .trspr". Use the file you exported earlier. And it will be corrected, displaying the animation and the info shows 3 sprites:

Then save the .tr2 and it will be fixed. The animation will display correctly on your level:

Another option is deleting the bubbles sprite if you don't like it/want it. It all works fine without it.
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