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Default TE - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am newbie level builder. Should I use TRLE/NGLE or TE?
A: Latest surveys and feedback clearly shows that Tomb Editor is the editor of choice. Sadly, classic editor UI, stability and workflow became obsolete and outdated and learning curve is very steep. It is recommended to use Tomb Editor right away without spending time learning classic TRLE or NGLE. You can still benefit from original manuals though, and if you are planning to use NGLE/TRNG scripting - you may also need TRNG scripting reference.

Q: I am old-school level builder. Should I use TRLE/NGLE or TE?
A: TE workflow differs from original level editor workflow, so certain TRLE tricks and legacy tools may be not applicable or compatible with TE - for example, meta2tr or direct usage of NG plugin triggers (see explanation below). On the other hand, TE offers many features which were either unavailable in original TRLE or require special setups and workarounds. Also TE has less compatibility problems and has generally more user-friendly interface. So general advice is - finish your current NGLE projects and try out TE - chances are you will benefit from migrating.

Q: I am die-hard TRLE/NGLE level builder. Should I migrate to TE and port my existing projects?
A: If your level uses meta2tr, and if you're on final stages of production - it's not recommended to port your PRJs to TE. If you're not using meta2tr, plugin triggers and just started designing your level, then you can try to port your NG project or start TE project from scratch - it shouldn't cause problems.

Q: Can I use TE at all? I heard it is so broken and unstable!
A: Past beta versions were really unstable and had lots of bugs. Right now TE is in stable state.

Q: Is there any tutorials for TE?
A: Yes, there are several video tutorials available at YouTube. CopperCandy's YouTube channel also features in-depth video tutorials covering all basic TE functionality. Also, there is an ongoing German-language wiki project by illyaine with different TE tips and tricks.

Q: I can't see some buttons from video tutorials in toolbar! How can I make them visible?
A: First off, make sure you are using latest version of TE. Then, right-click on toolbar, click "Customize..." and either manually add needed buttons to toolbar or reset toolbar to defaults.

Q: Is there any text or PDF manual for TE?
A: There is no specific TE text manual. However, there is a series of text tutorials by scooper96 based on original NGLE manual. Also there is a detailed getting started instructions in this forum message.

Q: Which original TRLE features are not yet available in TE?
A: Crack mode and NGLE vertical 2D map (you can use depth bar instead).

Q: Does TE support TRNG?
A: Yes, it does. Since version 1.2, almost all NG-specific features such as specific triggers and flipeffects are supported, excluding direct application of plugin triggers and partially animated textures.

Q: Why TE doesn't support TRNG plugin triggers and animated textures like river-rotate or P-frames?
A: Because TRNG is a closed-source software and Paolone is not available anymore to provide us with source code, details or documentation on how exactly plugin triggers and animated textures are programmed and how it should be implemented.

Q: I need new TRNG plugin triggers. What should I do?
A: There is a workaround for that. You must create a TriggerGroup featuring needed plugin trigger (exported in NGLE) and fire it in your script.

Q: Will TE work with non-trigger TRNG plugins?
A: Since non-trigger TRNG plugins doesn't depend on level editor itself - yes, it will.

Q: I can't see TRNG triggers in trigger window and any other TRNG-specific controls!
A: Switch Game version to target in level settings window to TRNG.

Q: Can I use meta2tr with TE levels?
A: Levels generated with latest TE versions can be loaded into meta2tr, however, meta2tr can't properly identify and parse sub-pixel texture coordinates which are extensively used in TE-generated levels. This results in corrupted textures and de-animated animation ranges. It happens because presumably meta2tr uses different formula to convert texture coordinates. Since meta2tr programmer is also not available anymore and meta2tr is also a closed-source software, we can't fix this issue without his assistance.

Q: If TE isn't compatible with meta2tr, how can I use custom geometry?
A: There are two ways to use custom geometry - imported room geometry and merged static meshes.

Q: What's the difference between imported room geometry and merged statics?
A: With first one, you can directly import custom geometry in TE in various formats, like OBJ, COLLADA or FBX. You must note that custom geometry won't have any collision so you must appropriately edit room geometry. As for merged static meshes, the feature is similar to meta2tr feature with same name, and it will retain "soft" collision of original static meshes. Also, merged statics have a special option to apply room vertex effects, like glow and movement - refer to Level Settings -> Static Meshes dialog for details.

Q: I am used to meta2tr workflow and I want to export my room geometry, edit it and import it back. Is it possible?
A: Yes. Since version 1.3 Tomb Editor supports exporting of room meshes and re-importing them back.

Q: Will TE support freeform mesh editing and more wall subdivisions?
A: Not in forseeable future. Alternatively, you can use imported geometry feature mentioned above.

Q: Why some TRLE tools display messed up textures on rooms and/or objects in levels generated with TE?
A: Same reason why meta2tr fails - because almost no any TRLE tool properly parses texture coordinate format, which was unknown before the end of 2017. Known tools which properly parse TE levels are FexMerger and latest FexInspect builds by sapper.

Q: Why TE have inverted world coordinates, like North/South instead of East/West and vice versa?
A: It's a legacy problem and a bug of winroomedit, which flips X/Z room coordinates. Historically, TRNG was built around this bug, so various TRNG constants are also wrong here. For example, MIR_ set of constants used for mirrors should be used like this:
  • If you need a mirror on the NORTH wall you have to put MIR_WEST_WALL;
  • If you need a mirror on the EAST wall you have to put MIR_NORTH_WALL;
  • If you need a mirror on the SOUTH wall you have to put MIR_EAST_WALL;
  • If you need a mirror on the WEST wall you have to put MIR_SOUTH_WALL;
Q: Will TE support TR1, TR2 and TR3 file formats?
A: Latest version supports all classic level formats, including TR1.

Q: What is the purpose of "Box" and "Not walkable" buttons in Sector Options?
A: Box button sets a flag which is critical for blocking enemies from going into closed doors. You must apply this flag to a block on which the door is placed. Sometimes level builders forget to set this up, so it results in enemies trying to run into closed doors, worsening overall AI quality which is already far from great in TRs (especially in TR4-5). Not walkable button sets a flag blocks the area from pathfinding completely - meaning that enemies can't ever go into this zone. Basically it's the same as "no pathfinding" room flag, but block-based.

Q: I don't have any sounds in my level with version 1.2.8!
A: Since version 1.2.8, sound system was changed. You need to manually add sound catalog(s) and click "Autodetect" button in Level Settings -> Sound Infos. For more info on new sound system, refer to this thread and latest video tutorial.

Q: I've got my sound catalogs right, but now sound info list says [ missing ] for every single sound!
A: You may need to manually specify folder with .wav sample files. TE tries to guess all potential folders with samples, but sometimes it fails to do so. Go to Level Settings -> Sound Sample Paths and add path with your samples to a list.

Q: I am using TR2 or TR3 target. How should I setup my sound catalogs?
A: For TR2 and TR3 targets, the workflow is much more simple because they use MAIN.SFX for storing samples. You don't need to add or edit sound catalog manually, just make new TR2 or TR3 level, and appropriate default sound catalog will be automatically loaded on first level compilation. You still can load and edit TR2 or TR3 sound catalog into SoundTool, as well as recompile MAIN.SFX file with it (although you will need all .wav samples for a given game version, which is unavailable at the moment).

Q: What is WadTool? Is it WadMerger replacement? Can I use it instead?
A: Indeed, WT is meant to be WM replacement. It features completely revamped animation editor, you can easily merge objects from different wads and levels, import new meshes from numerous 3D formats, as well as import new animations. For detailed description, refer to WadTool thread.

Q: Is it safe to use WT at this point?
A: Yes, WT was overhauled in version 1.2.8 and it's generally stable and easy to work with.

Q: I have used WT before version 1.2.8. Can I use old wad2s?
A: Unfortunately, no. Dev team spent a lot of time making pre-1.2.8 wad2s compatible with 1.2.8 sound system, but there was another issue with changed start/end animation speed format which sneaked into 1.2.8 unnoticed. If you will use pre-1.2.8 wad2s with TE/WT 1.2.8, most likely you will face issues with wrong Lara speed, inability to rotate her while in movement, and maybe other movement bugs. So better idea is to recreate wad2s from scratch with WT 1.2.8 and never use pre-1.2.8 wad2s.

Q: Can I import whole model in WT, apply shiny to faces, change blending mode, remap vertices for joints and hair like in StrPix, etc?
A: Since version 1.2.9 it's possible to replace whole model for a given moveable. You should make sure that meshes are numbered in same order they are exported by TRViewer. Also, to make Lara's model import correctly, you must correct vertex indices order (this is possible in Blender), otherwise Lara skin joints will turn into triangle soup. WT also imports "shininess" and blending mode attributes from models made in external 3D software (to assign additive blending mode, specify opacity for given material to anything less than 1). Also since version 1.4, most of StrPix functionality is now available in WT mesh editor.

Q: Can I export models and animations in WT?
A: Not now. Model exporter and animation exporter is planned, but not currently implemented. However, latest versions of WadTool can export separate meshes with textures.

Q: Can I save to old wad format in WT?
A: Unfortunately no. WT uses some features which are not supported by old wad format, such as UV mapping, subpixel texture coordinates, floating-point bone rotations, etc. Probably lossy wad exporter could be implemented, but currently TombLib lacks such function.

Q: Which Dxtre3d features are not available in TE for TR2 or TR3 targets?
A: TR2 room vertex effects (flicker, glow and sunset) are assigned via room type, not via special light type. The cause is TE was modeled after original TR4 winroomedit which assigns similar effects per room only. On the other hand, it allows specific effect schemes, such as reflection and mist, which is not possible in dxtre3d.

Q: I see there is TR5 and Tomb Engine targets in Level Settings. What does it mean?
A: You can also compile levels for TR5, although support is experimental. Tomb Engine support is also experimental and format is subject to change as Tomb Engine project develops further.

Q: I am a programmer and I want to contribute to TE development. Can I do it?
A: Sure! Tomb Editor is not proprietary or privately owned software. Contact MontyTRC for further assistance.

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Thank for the FAQ! Answered all my questions I had and looked to ask for. Make this a sticky.
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I don't know if this is the place to post this but in the Tomb Editor my items preview is cutoff and the lighting window is to, probably more, I can't find anything to fix this

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Yeah, it's better to ask in general TE thread, but since you already asked - probably you just need to move these dockable tool windows around to better fit your resolution
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@Lwmte, I tried that but I can't raise my item preview, I can still place items in my scene, but that item preview would be a big help.

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Is the original TRLE required before you can install and use Tomb Editor?
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Originally Posted by angeljs View Post
Is the original TRLE required before you can install and use Tomb Editor?
Nope. Just download TombIDE and it will set everything up for you.
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Ooh, lovely, thanks!
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Hey! Thank you for the release of tomb editor, it's a great program, it really made editing way easier, however I am a bit pc dumb so I have no Idea how did I managed to open and convert the current project I am working on into prj2 format so now I dont know how to open the other .prj files I had.
So my question is basically this: how do I open an old prj file in tomb editor and/or is there a built in prj converter somewhere?
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File > Import TRLE level.
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