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Lightbulb TR3 FMV's - 20th (and a bit) Anniversary Remaster

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated!

Yes, I know it’s been a long time coming and I know I’ve sort of missed my anticipated schedule from most lurkers on this wonderful forum. But boy-oh-boy was this a struggle.

I had started work on these remasters shortly after finishing the Tomb Raider 2 videos, but I was not prepared for what I was about to uncover when I started this task.

As you know, the main difference in FMV going from 2 to 3 was the prominent switch to 30FPS video compared to 15fps for the majority of 1 and 2. Whilst the number of cinematics in 3 is less than in previous games, they are presented in a smooth 30fps, but that resulted in an additional layer of compression being applied to the encoding. When I stripped back the videos themselves to take a good look and run quick test passes on them, I was horrified with the results. The noise is actually embedded in the structure of the videos themselves and the overall testes I performed where producing muddy and jittery results. The videos even lost definition as I upscaled whilst trying to get rid of the noise. I even tired upscaling with the noise as well, but it only worsened the colour smudging and the whole video “shook” when I did. It almost made me motion sick!

There was a time when I thought that Tomb Raider 3 was just going to be impossible and I thought of just skipping it…it was truly insurmountable after trying nearly 20 times this year to actually produce a result which was acceptable…

…that was until last month.

After looking around on the editing websites, I was introduced to a new piece of software that actually could produce some results that could be acceptable, and it actually plugged into PS CC! I tried it on a few test frames, and OH MY GOD WAS IT WHAT I HAD BEEN SEARCHING FOR ALL MY LIFE!

The past month, between my life and Job, I have been firing through these videos and correcting them where necessary. And I think I’m now ready to share these all with you. I am not really happy with the way they turned out due to the overall compression applied, but I did what I could to keep these videos in good shape. So, under the terms of the GNU, I give these to the community to mod and alter as they wish.


Uncompressed Masters

Now, this is where I need to ask you for your help.

Long story short, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider: Chronicles’ FMV will be remastered.

For this, I have chosen to use the Dreamcast copies of each game as the video was presented in its least uncompressed format. But I have had a tough time locating the tools I could use to extract the video in one piece. If anyone knows of any decent Dreamcast ripping tools or any software that may help, please send me a DM on here. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

For now, It’s time for our 3rd adventure!

Happy Raiding!

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Alex Fly
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These are perfect! Great job, as always! And nice to see you again!
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Oh my stars, these are gorgeous! It feels like eye candy watching these again uncompressed. It sounded like a rough task, but the quality of these remasters is excellent.
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Really nice. Wasn't it possible to get the Eidos/Core logo from TR4/5? I think those come in higher quality? Or maybe that's what you used...?

Also, the Antartica (!) - Present Day text would look nicer if there was no black outline... it sticks out too much right now, I think.
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Could you please restore Jean-Yves into the Chronicles FMVs? Let me know if you need the files.
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Amazing work LeonDeka! I am sure you made the most of these videos! Did you consider rendering them also in 4K for those who use 4K monitors?

Since there is already a decent remaster of TR: The Lats Revelation videos by GoldfishGam3r (in HD and 4K resolutions) maybe you can start with TR: Chronicles first and then continue with your remaster of TRLA? Just a thought

Thanks a lot for these and thanks for letting me know!
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These are amazing! Can we use them in-game? Like download these HD versions and replace the original files with them?
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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
These are amazing! Can we use them in-game? Like download these HD versions and replace the original files with them?
Peixoto's tool can probably allow this, but so far, I haven't got around to troubleshoot why the program doesn't run for me.

What I'm using, is a preview build of a TR3 EXE by Arsunt. By using this method, you'll have to change the file extension of the remastered .mp4 files to .rpl. This is because alternative FMV file extension detection is not yet implemented, but will be in the future.
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Thumbs up Excellent work!

It is very great! Please keep them up!
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Great work again!
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