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Default Dxtre3d - Tomb Raider III - Modify the secret count for each level.

Next I will write a small tutorial on how to use the "tr3 secret counter" tool to modify the number of secrets for each level.
This tool was created by me and has already been tested by some users, so surely anyone could use it in any operating system and with any version of tomb3.exe.
Here we go!

Steps to use the tool:

1- Download the tool from the following link:


2- Place the program "tr3 secret counter.exe" in the same root directory where the tomb3.exe to be modified is located.
(If you open the tool and the tomb3.exe is not found in the same folder, an error will be displayed)

The interface is shown as follows:

3- Now modify the amount of secrets of each level in its corresponding field.

NOTE:A value of 0 is "none secret", and the maximum value per level is up to 32767.

4- Finally save the changes by clicking on "Save!". Now the executable already has the changes.

That is all. Very easy. The tool can have several uses, from considerably raising the amount of secrets per level. Also it will give you the chance to put "zero" the levels that are not going to be included in a set of personalized levels to create the effect of having an "additional bonus level" .
Good luck!
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