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Default Tomb Editor is now open source!

This is the end of a road that has started in late 2016, even if first lines of code were written in 2011. We spent thousands of hours on making this editor and its related tools great, and we are happy that you liked it.

One thing that is common in this community is the lack of support. Tools are created, widely adopted, and then original developers go away (it's their right, of course! ) without releasing the code. So, nobody can fix bugs. Or, source code is simply lost.

Since the beginning we wanted to do something different. I and other developers will go away one day, for sure, but Tomb Editor will survive. Because from today, Tomb Editor is totally open source.

In the repository you will find the 1.3.4 version, the last for a while that targets classic engines. From now, development will move actively to TR5Main. However, if new bugs are found, we'll release of course more updates. But this repository will be locked to 1.3.4 version, for historic memory and personal study.

Commits are locked and only pull requests are allowed. But if you want to contribute, just PM me and I will introduce you in our Discord server where you will access to private - and actively developed - repository.

You are free to download it and do what you want with the code, BUT NO COMMERCIAL USAGE. I just ask to not release modded versions of the editor or of the tools because it's better to not raise confusion in the community.
If you have fixes or improvements, please do a pull request. It will be evaluated and eventually added to our main private repository for official release.
Tomb Editor had a great success also because we were able to keep control over it and give it an uniform direction with development. The same thing that is happening with TR5Main.

Here is the link:

Tomb Editor Main developer

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A historic moment indeed, for the first time we have a entire, fully contained toolset with full access to code by the community.
I'd like to write the first reply thanking each and every person that contritubed to this amazing project and thus saving the community from dying out due to obsolete, glitchy software that no one is able to fix. The curse has finally been lifted, after all these years!
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Congratulations everyone! It's indeed the historical moment!

We don't have a lot of TRLE tools with fully available and open source code. Unfortunately, TRLE community always had this "curse", when a developer wrote some great tool, then everybody universally welcomed and adopted it, only to realize few years later that original developer simply vanished from existence, leaving bugs unfixed, source closed, sometimes even deleting all his remaining traces from the internet. You know what I am talking about... meta2tr, TRNG, dxtre3d, WadMerger, and many many more. Fortunately, some tools went open source and still maintained today, like TRViewer or strpix. But until this day, we never had full-fledged level editor with whole toolset open sourced. Now it's finally happened!

I also want to thank everybody who contributed to Tomb Editor across these 3 years. Some people arrived, some people left, some marvellous discoveries were done, some mistakes were made, and lots of bugs were fixed. We had a lot of pain and suffering trying to sort out endless Core hacks and fix their inconsistent file formats, and the road is far from ending, as we now have TR5Main on the horizon

But it was a great experience, and as result, we have one of the most advanced fan-made gamedev toolsets in history with streamlined UI and workflow, almost similar to many industry-standard creative apps out there, like Adobe creative suite. Personally I don't know any other engine/game/series for which there was such advanced kind of toolset. I really wish TRLE community to grow, because it seems almost nobody outside of it has any idea how far we've went to make TR level editing as easy and as flexible as possible.

Again, thank you everyone! Enjoy building with TE, and stay tuned for TR5Main!

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It's the coolest and most convenient tool kit I've ever seen.

Congratulations to everyone involved.
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Thanks the TE Team !

Last ten years are maybe the most important of the Editor community, and TE is one of those important thing. Lot of doors are now open for the future. Keep it up ! TR5 Main will be another great thing
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tlr online
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Thumbs up

Congratulations Monty, Lwmte and the team.
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Thank you all!
It sounds very interesting!
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That's great news, although I was hoping it would become fully open source allowing anyone to test the latest build.
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Really happy to hear that Tomb Editor went Open Source.

With Tr5Main to be released with new and exciting possibilities, I do really hope that Trle community will survive for longer. Of course, I'd also want to thank people who made other tools and engines such as Trng or Wadmerger, but it's truly disappointing that they vanished without posting source codes which would benefit everyone.

Thank you so much, team
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