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Arrow Soldier Gets Blown Up But Comes Back To Life (Menkaure's Pyramid)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74wDt0YeF18

This is Menkaure's Pyramid. This level and Khufu's Queens Pyramids contain Soldiers who help you against the giant scorpions. In this level there's a room that you need to enter in order to complete the level. When you enter the room a Soldier is being attacked by a giant scorpion. If the giant scorpion kills the Soldier then the Soldier drops the Guard's Keys, which you use to unlock a door leading to the next level; Inside Menkaure's Pyramid. If you kill the giant scorpion before he kills the soldier then a cutscene features where the soldier thanks Lara and gives her the Armoury Key as well as the Guard's Keys. The Armoury Key is used to obtain a secret in Khufu's Queens Pyramids. In this video, I show you a comical scenario where the Soldier gets blown up but then comes back to life. While he's under attack from the giant scorpion, I blow him up with the grenade launcher. The giant scorpion then continues as if he's still attacking the Soldier, even though the Soldier is gone. Killing the giant scorpion with an explosive weapon just causes the giant scorpion to blow up and that's the end of it. If you kill the giant scorpion with a non-explosive weapon then the game enters the cutscene where the Soldier thanks Lara for her help and gives her both sets of keys. He's then alive, as if he never died. Another set of the Guard's Keys are on the floor from where you blew up the Soldier, and so you collect the Guard's Keys twice as well as having the Armoury Key.
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