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Default Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Definitive Edition

The demo of the Definitive Edition remaster of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is OUT NOW!

If you like this content, please consider contributing to this project by donating at:


The Definitive Edition is an unofficial, PC exclusive, all-encompassing remaster of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.
The graphics, controls, gameplay, storytelling, sound effects, and music have all received major overhauls, alongside
an astounding amount of bug fixes, and last but not least: restored cut content!

Basic movement controls have been enhanced majorly. The usual keyboard and mouse controls have been retained
and refined and the game can now also properly be played with a controller, just like the original PS2 version!
The bundled digital manual is fully revised and comes in two different versions: for playing with a keyboard and mouse,
and for playing with a controller.

During the development of the Definitive Edition, Core Design's and Murti Schofield's original visions have always been
studied and consulted religiously. This truly is the ultimate and definitive way to experience The Angel of Darkness,
delivering the compelling adventure Core Design always envisioned it to be. The Definitive Edition will be very easy to
install, guaranteeing that the game can be played hassle-free in no-time.

The demo contains the first few chapters of the game in their final,
finished state, from Parisian Backstreets up until Louvre Storm Drains.

The Definitive Edition is a collaborative effort. Aside from the Definitive Edition exclusive remastered
graphics and audio, the Definitive Edition also contains all the best and recommended mods. This includes the Restoration
Project, SLAYER's Ultimate Patch, Nakamichi680's AoD Level Definitive Patch and EXE Multi-Patcher, fixes to enable EAX
audio effects and much more. Everything is bundled into one easy to use installer.

IMPORTANT NEWS! I just released v1.0.2 of the Definitive Edition Demo v1.0 that fixes several important bugs! The new package can be downloaded on

v1.0.2 Changelog:
- Fixed the controller type radio buttons not working correctly in the v1.0.1 release, which broke the controller support for the Playstation controllers.
- Did some improvements on EAX activation to hopefully prevent as much problems as possible with getting it enabled.
- Added a check system to avoid players from installing the demo either without installing the original game first or installing the demo in the wrong directory
- Added 2 new default installation directories corresponding with the newest GOG release of the original game + recommended not using them as they have some specific issues.
- Added registry keys to force AntiMicroX to run as an administrator, when installed in one of the default installation directories (mainly to avoid as much as possible that the controllers won’t work for players who have the newer GOG releases installed).

v1.0.1 Changelog:
- Fixed an issue where volumetric distance fog in all levels that have this effect would disappear when reloading from saves, including when you quit the game and restart. (Was an issue that’s always been present in the original PC release. But now not anymore! Thanks to Nakamichi680!)
- Fixed the game crashing when dying in the first area of Parisian Ghetto (2_1). (Restoration Project Bug)
- Lara will no longer do the “one hand ledge grab” animation after a standing “vertical” jump since this only made the gameplay slower and didn’t add much.
- Fixed an extra broken entry being added at the start of Strahov Fortress if you started this level after talking to Luddick. (Restoration Project Bug)
- Fixed an additional incorrect subtitle (“Unbelievable! That glove must have some kind of alchemic power.”) being displayed in the cutscene where Luddick gets killed. (Restoration Project Bug)

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This looks so cool! Very keen.
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Omg! This looks good! Also by sound effect overhauls could you elaborate? :O
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i liked it so much,AOD textures need some updates because them is kinda low quality. but take care to them don't look artificial
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OMG OMG I'm so happy to see my favourite TR getting the attention it deserves.
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this is exciting stuff! can't wait
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Originally Posted by CircusBabysGal View Post
Omg! This looks good! Also by sound effect overhauls could you elaborate? :O
Yes of course!

Things I've done with audio editing:
- Improved many tutorial lines, combined some and constructed totally new ones through splicing
- Rebalanced some sound effects that were too loud with EAX enabled
- Improved music in cutscenes
- Improved sound effects in cutscenes
- Replaced sound effects with better quality ones
- Improved gun sound effects
- Improved music volume balancing in some levels
- Added new music into some levels
- Implemented unused official English & French newscasts in St. Aicard's Church and Cafe Metro

and more!
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this sounds really cool. ive been waiting for some easy installer.
my depressive self cant amount the energy to read through install tutorials at the moment
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Can't wait for this!
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Although i think is a great job it reallly doesn't convince me lara's eyes in this, for me she seems contantly surprised. Regardless of that, the rest is great and i can't wait to try it
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