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Due to circumstances beyond our control, Video Games Live will not be playing any of the previously scheduled shows, with the exception of Seattle and Vancouver on October 29 and October 30. Furthermore, plans are being made for additional shows in specific markets across North America for 2006.

We designed Video Games Live to embody the excitement, passion and drama shared by millions in the gaming community. Building an original concept and production of this magnitude can only be accomplished with careful planning and the support of fans and music lovers everywhere. We are endeavoring to take every step to bring this innovative and distinctive experience to the public without sacrificing quality. Our vision to present the show in a number of cities across North America was very ambitious and we ask your patience in supporting us as we continue to build the awareness of this groundbreaking show in the months ahead.

Because of the cutting edge characteristics and unique nature of the show, our greatest challenge is raising awareness and being able to explain to the general population what exactly the Video Games Live experience is all about. The success of the July, 2005 inaugural show at the Hollywood Bowl, which drew over 10,000 people and garnered rave reviews, only bolstered our belief in this concept. We do not see this as a set back at all, but instead an opportunity to better develop and inform specific areas all across North America - one at a time.

We are tremendously excited to present the VGL shows in Seattle and Vancouver and experienced a lot of excitement from the fans and media in each city we intended on playing. We believe Video Games Live to be a long-term project that will only continue to grow over the years to come as further awareness is generated by each and every show we present. We will continue forward with our mission to celebrate the music of video games and the video game industry.

Thank you all so much for the generous support and understanding these past few months. We realize that many of you may be disappointed and we would like nothing more than to perform in your area as soon as possible. We would never want to put on a show that we ourselves weren't 100% satisfied with and as anyone who has seen our shows can confirm... we will continue to deliver the highest possible quality to give the video game industry the attention and excellence it deserves.

Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall
Co-creators and co-executive producers, Video Games Live
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