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Hello all. I'm a newbie top this forum. I want to know does the Level Editor work for TR2? I've seen plenty of TR1 levels but none for 2. Anyone know?

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Welcome to the forum Doodah7Golly!

Yes and no. The TR4 level editor was released by Core, which only makes levels for TR4. But luckily there are two ways to make levels for TR2. The first is to get the official TR4 editor and learn to use it blah blah blah (it's not hard, honestly!). Then you can download a program called flooredit (get it here). This can turn TR4 levels built with the editor into TR2 levels! You need to use a WAD file (object set) from TR2 which you can extract using Wadmerger from the above site. It will tell you how to create a WAD file for TR2 using a few files which will come with Flooredit, again that's not hard. Then when you want to test your level, you make a TR4 level file and then convert it to a TR2 file using Flooredit! Then use a cracked version of TR2 (which doesn't need the CD) to play it! It sounds complex I know, but it honestly isn't, Flooredit has some more detailed instructions, this is just an outline .

The other option is using a completely different editor- TREditor by turbo pascal. It can make levels for TR1-5, but not many people use this, and in my experience it's harder to use and you certainly don't have as much freedom with textures and things. So I would recommend the other method.

If you need any more help then let me know
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