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Default EXPIRED!

From today's The Sun

"A relative rang the AA (Uk emergency road services) for help in moving a car after the driver collapsed and died - but was told "if he's dead he is not a member anymore". The operator then told David Barker's family help would only be sent if THEY joined up.

David, 58 - a long term AA member - had a heart attack at the wheel and was dead on arrival at the hospital. His brother-in-law Leonard Douglas went to retrieve the car, found an AA membership card in the glove box - and called for assistance. He was stunned by the operator's snub.

Leonard said "I was gobsmacked. It is absolutely disgusting. I was speechless. I could not believe they would be so cruel". An AA spokesman said "We apologise unreservedly for the distress caused. We are taking the issue up with the operator involved".
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This is one of those situations when I don't know whether to laugh my head off or be upset and horrified. Oh well - a bit of both.

Thanks for the article, Scottlee.
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The day i can't run TR3 on my pc,is the day i will stop to play games!
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:some are born mad, some achieve madness and some have madness thrust upon them:
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It wouldn't surprise me if it had happened in Germany, but here.......?

I am lost for words.
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tlr online
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Goodness me. This is disgraceful!
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Sometimes I ask myself whether "humane" means something to some "humans".
Look into my eyes, and know that I am Vengeance.
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